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Simon Ratcliffe a Professional user from South Africa writes:
I don't know why these monitors are given such a bad wrap. For the price range you really can't go wrong. I've worked with literally dozens of speakers at various studios around the world and if you consider you're getting a powered monitor that's by far superior to a passive, yet in the same price range, they're worth considering. The bass end is quite honest with good transients but the tops, while sounding nice and wide, have a bit of an edge around 3-ish KHz. Although very versatile they tend to fall flat with complex orchestral pieces (mainly in mid-range), although only compared to far more expensive units. My score of 8 is specifically for this price range...check these out if you can't afford Genelec's

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Thursday, 24-Apr-03 at 16:43
Ilja Thomassen a hobbyist user from Netherlands writes:
The first pair i bought didn't work at all, one monitor did absolutly nothing (no sound, nod leds, nothing!) The other monitor did nothing as wel, but at least the power led DID go on! After returning these for a new pair, wich I tested in the store, I came home and found out that the limit-led on one of the monitors wouldn't lite, but I could here the limiter did it's job. Not wanting to go back AGAIN for just the one led I sticked with this pair. And i'm actually pretty happy with the monitors. They are cheap, sound alright i guess (compared to my home stereo set they sound great, but that's no comparing ofcourse) What is frustating is that if you have a signal with a lot of low frequency you can hear a wind-noise from the back of the monitor (poort-huff).

But al in al its a nice cheap monitor, good for a home studio.

Rating: 7 out of 10 posted Friday, 28-Feb-03 at 7:44
jakic a part-timer user writes:
hi.i`m thinking about buyin truth monitors.i need them for home preproduction(programing etc)and i like the price.any sugestion about some other speakers in same class of price?thanks

posted Tuesday, 25-Feb-03 at 17:55
Patrick from Canada writes:
IS it just me and my audiophile, but I cannot control the volume of my Truths? I went back to my old altec lansings and was able to control the volume there but not the truths???

posted Saturday, 07-Dec-02 at 19:5
Iamdaman a hobbyist user from earth writes:
here is a amateur talking after I got my "truth", I could hear the secret message from "shake" - "day of reconing" - "metroplex" the moral of story, shake is da MAN

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 04-Dec-02 at 2:48
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