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Albert a Professional user from USA writes:
The UAD-1 Is just a work of art i own 2 cards and planning to get more when they release the Multicard support drivers. Once i bought it and actually started working with it the quality of my mixes had improved 110%...

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Saturday, 25-Jan-03 at 23:2
Blue Q from canada writes:
This is a great product. Amazing digital sound. This will easily replace a whole analog studio! While your eq changes and effects may not sound as warm with this digital wonderland piece, your songs will have a clarity unforeheard! And the sky is the limit with these plugs, you can have tons on at a time without trashing your crappy intel chip. Do your mix on this thing and then run it through a analog eq for a quick colouration and you're sailing. Later.

posted Saturday, 11-Jan-03 at 22:52
luciano a Professional user from usa writes:
I think these plugs rule! period. There is an issue of latency in DP3 when used with other plugs but you can work around it easily. I hope they finish the preset banks for MAS because the ones you download are for VST only (these come in handy when you need a quick mix to toss together because you can tweak them a little to make your sounds better rather than starting from scratch). The fella at UAD was helpful when i called so im cool with it. I love the sound of these plug ins..I hope they support Altiverb soon because REalVerb Sucks compared to it. 1176, LA-2A and Pultec are great, Nigel is cool, the channel strip I could live without though it doesnt impress me at all. I cant wait for Cambridge EQ and multicard operation so I can buy another one. I hate depending on my CPU to handle it all even though a dual 1gig mac is pretty damn blazin'.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Monday, 09-Dec-02 at 1:52
HiFiChild a part-timer user from Canada writes:
It was this or an upgrade to my CPU/Motherboard to increase my plugin count. I chose this and am glad I did. On the face of it, you don't get a lot, at least compared to the powercore. I've never been a big fan of the TC plugins though so I went with this - The deal I got for a barely used one for US$500 swayed it a little too.

It's pure class. I'm not a huge expert on using outboard compressors and FX, but i'm no slouch either. The 5 band fully parametric EQ in this kicks the EQ in Cubase and Nuendo squarely in the crutch for musicality. It's better too than the EQ on my console (a soundstracs solo.midi 32:8).

The compressors (1176LN and LA-2a) are pure class too. From the first twiddle, they added real presence to my beats. There's also a cut down compressor in the EQ section too if you need it and that is perfectly serviceable too.

The delay modulator provides excellently rich chorus and flanges, and some competent echos too.

The Real Verb pro is to die for. I just wish I had a lexicon so I could A/B it. It's so configurable, it should never out grow you. This is probably the best regarded reverb for pro-tools, now in a PC usable format and well worth the purchase price alone. There's also a more efficient but less tweakable reverb called teh refelction engine too. This is perfectly serviceable in a lot of cases.

Every effect in the package oozes quality and UA are committed to releasing new ones all the time - news of "nigel" their guitar processor has just come out and will be free to all users. Others should follow too.

Third party support is what will make or break this though and to date, none has been seen. Then again, I don't think there's any for it's competitor, the powercore either.

Third party support isn't a major concern to me however. For US$500, I've gained rather more signal processing than I could ever have got in the real world.

For anyone that works with audio on a computer, these things should become a fundamental requirement.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Thursday, 10-Jan-02 at 8:57
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