Sonic State Studio / Outboard / AVALON VT-737SP Tube Preamp w/ Compressor & EQ

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Sam a Professional user from USA writes:
We have a couple here in the studio. The pre is better than cheap stuff but for the money it is quite boring and flattens the sound. Considering the plethora of really good stuff out there in the same price range, there is no reason why anyone should choose this on the strengths of the pre.

The compressor is absolutely useless, I hear there is a mod that makes it workable by increasing the attack time but I don't think that would help much- smooth in a bad way, pumpy in a bad way, once you hear it grab you may throw up in your mouth a little.

The EQ however, is actually quite workable and can be very nice. Not very surgical, but who needs surgical- if you like to hype up your sound a bit, you may like the high end and the mids on these. The bass boost I think is a bit wooly sounding but not bad.

So if you need a decent EQ and a couple backup pre's you might consider these.

posted Monday, 08-Oct-07 at 19:59
Haterade a part-timer user from USA writes:
I have used this unit several times, and I see them popping up everywhere in semi-pro setups. While not a bad piece, I think that the tube attributes on this peice a greatly exaggerated; This thing is NOT going to make your vocals silky smooth and creamy. It will give you a very natural sounding vocal with a hint of warmth. The compressor section does have a slow attack, making it better for overall smoothing of a vocal, not for squashing peaking signals. I didn't find the EQ section too important, but then again, I don't use too much EQ when tracking. I think if you're looking for a pre that's going to give you good results with minimal twidlling & processing, this is it; If you are looking for the vocal that sounds like it was recorded @ The Hit Factorry, take your $2,000 and get a recapped Neve or SSL channel, I think you'd be more impressed in those avenues. (As they both include way more character than the Avalon...)

Rating: 6 out of 10 posted Thursday, 10-Jun-04 at 15:2
Paul from UK writes:

I just bought one of these units for recording vocals. If your recording to digital hard disk,you really need something like this to add depth to the recording... Its strengths are the preamp and the eq.... The compressor is very smooth if used carefully.... Dont expect it to squash a vocal,as its attack time is not very fast.... This is a true valve unit,not like some other companies that just put a valve into the signal path so they can call it a valve unit... If you find it gets very crackly,you will need to change the valve on the lefthand side of the unit.The other valves are for the compressor and the output gain

Because of the valves,you may find it a little noisey,this is due to the true valve circuitry.Just add a gate to the output if you want. All in all a real classic unit,built like a tank,


Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Monday, 24-Nov-03 at 9:18
Amin a part-timer user from USA writes:
I use this for vocals and it sounds great

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Friday, 12-Sep-03 at 20:8
This is surely not what you should buy if you are looking for interesting sound. Very clean. Good for achieving a natural tone. Bad for any electronic music I would think...well not bad, just a waste of money. Its overpriced.

Rating: 6 out of 10 posted Saturday, 11-Jan-03 at 23:0
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