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Yo Momma's House Fool Motha Yeay Hommy writes:
And it also bounces in Real-Time so you can hear if there are any mistakes, hick-ups and such. I never found that to be a problem with PT.

posted Monday, 13-Feb-06 at 22:25
Jacob a Professional user from USA writes:
Just adding to the last user's comment about bouncing down in real time being a burden... It's necessary because there's no way for Pro Tools to know if you're using outboard processing you'd like to include. Oftentimes, we'll run several outboard compressors and reverbs while using PT. Thus, to "record" the incoming signal, which is what pro tools must do, it has to bounce in real time. Many of us in the industry what to keep using our high end gear. Lets face it, we didn't buy an uber expensive Lexicon 980xl reverb only to not be used with PT.

posted Sunday, 12-Feb-06 at 16:58
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