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David Vector a Professional user from USA writes:
Even though I have the PPG/Microwave wavetables ported over to u-he Zebra (which has an infinitely deeper voice architecture than the PPG and can do more with those waves), I still come back to the old "Blue Beast" from time to time because it still has its own quirky character. I especially like using pads that have a bit of wavetable movement in them...the sound is unearthly. The user interface isn't entirely ideal (I hate the way the knobs jump when you grab them to edit values), but I'm glad that it at least has the look of the original synth - I always thought the PPG Wave looked cool as all get out. Be sure to check out the "Andrew Thomas" bank and a few of the other extra banks shipped with the plugin - the default bank that loads up (i.e. the emulations of original factory presets) is fairly underwhelming. Newer presets done specifically for the 2.V that stack up more voices tend to sound more impressive.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Sunday, 17-Aug-08 at 22:32
Justin a Professional user writes:
I see across the web the PPG scores fairly high. I'm afraid I'm going to have to disagree. Now I dont have the original to compare it to but I can say the GUI is horrible as the blue face does not contrast well with the tiny yellow lettering (and thats on a 32" widescreen LCD) and also to do finer edits you have to click exactly on tiny little square boxes and I end up clicking four or five times before "grabbing" the little widget. Also they say the presets are based on the original...really?...the original had a crap load of various bell sounds. Not impressed.

Rating: 4 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 30-Jan-08 at 13:58
Mpresev a Professional user from Los Angels writes:
I bought this in the summer of 2007. I wasn't inspired because I really judged this by the sound of the presets.. I started tweaking the va knobs and it gave me an evolving type wave. I'm going to experiment and get to know by PPG plug in.

posted Tuesday, 18-Dec-07 at 13:52
Bernd from Germany writes:
This plug-in is excellent. One of the best I heard. I love it more than the FM7

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 12-Oct-04 at 15:1
Discomfort a part-timer user from Belarus writes:
It's very good sounding with something like Lexicon PSP-242 plug-in. Don't be lazy and buy effects (the synth engine is excellent - despite it's three years old). Sounds good in pair with Waldorf microQ - more cutting and silver. Really, good addition to analog and VA stuff...

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 24-Dec-03 at 12:54
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