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Kolja Beckmann a part-timer user from Germany writes:
one mistake: I wrote "later", but wanted to say "earlier", since I´ve got one of the first promix01s produced.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Saturday, 14-Jul-01 at 20:27
Kolja Beckmann a part-timer user from Germany writes:
It´s a real good unit - especially for its price and one really can produce professional sounding mixes on it. Great are the 19(!) motor-faders, which are more than the 01v offers. The UI is inuitive and fast. The 3 Band EQs on every channel are sounding very good (for digital EQs) and are fully programmable individually (in mode, freq, Q, Gain). The FX are allright, but the reverb is mostly usuable for "decent" things - not for vocals or lead sounds - or "as it is FX". This is an anger since there are only two mono AUX, which in my eyes is the greatest drawback of this machine. There are 3 compressors which can be routed to choosable channels. The Promix offers total recall (not for the gains), libaries for FX, EQs Compressor, entire Mixes. All parameters can be edited via Midi and be sent via Midi. ONE REALLY IMPORTANT HINT FOR THOSE CONSIDERING TO BUY ONE: I had a problem with my ADs dying (cause of age, not use!). Yamaha offers an upgrade-kit to replace all the ADs in row, which costed me about 500DM=250Euros - though You *can* replace them seperatly, but the price per AD is higher then. I dont know if this problem is the same with only later Revs of the Promix like I have. Sometimes I had problems with some of the buttons, but it always got allright again by itself. Other than that it is *really* reliable. I had it with me on a (wide) range of gigs and it never let me alone. One nice feature is its 48khz Digital Out (equals Main Mix). You can put this to Your Sampler or Computer, which reduces trouble of leveling. All in all in the class of its price it is unbeaten by any digital, and only some analog mixers (like recommandable Behringer mx2604) offer more features (more channels, auxchannels, busses(!) etc, less weight;-)). The only competitor is the 01V which costs a lot more, and You will have to think twice, if You want to spent aprox. twice as much for just 25% more features. If You are a semi-professional who looks for a recallable digital mixer and You can live with the drawbacks named, the promix seems to be one of the best (perhaps the best...) choices on the market.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Saturday, 14-Jul-01 at 20:8
Puff a hobbyist user from USA writes:
This mixer is too powerful for its price! Have you considered a Yamaha 01V. Don't!!! It only has very few small features over the Promix, and it is not worth it!!! The 20 bit sampling rate, the 2 internal effects processors, the internal compressors, the MIDI automation, and the motorized faders are only few features of the great Promix that is worth well more!!! I have one, and I wouldn't replace it for anything, because I will not find anything as good for not even twice its price!!!

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Friday, 12-Jan-01 at 23:0
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