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JoshuaNicholas a part-timer user from Tx.&Ky writes:
I was looking for a program to chop&screw some stuff...Screwing is just lowering the playrate of a song,hence ssscrrrooooo...but if ya got anything 4 me,hit me up,my adress is here,chunkdeuce

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Monday, 13-Jan-03 at 4:54
simon f a hobbyist user from sweden writes:
Im waiting for the Recycle 3 to come. Im missing easy things like cuting, and timestretshing. you can do that with a lot of other programs but Im tired of change programs for small adjustments.

Rating: 7 out of 10 posted Saturday, 04-Jan-03 at 11:25
steelzawheelz a Professional user from england writes:
if you make any kind of breakbeat and have an akai sampler, dont ass around and get it!

posted Wednesday, 30-Oct-02 at 13:6
Max a part-timer user writes:
I think that beatcreator 1.7 (or later) is far better... The only good thing is the rex support (normal it's their standart !)

Rating: 3 out of 10 posted Thursday, 17-Oct-02 at 16:22
Creeper a Professional user from USA writes:
Recycle 2.0 is phenominal and there really is NOTHING else out there like it, regardless of what Syndrome said.

For starters, you load an audio file and save it as REX (mono) or REX2 (stereo) and this way you can change the tempo without changing pitch or vice-versa. Cubase has native support for dragging REX/REX2 files directly into the arrange window.

The next major feature is chopping up the audio in and mapping each piece to a seperate note on your synth. You can dump the midi and audio to any sampler with a SCSI interface.

The next great feature is the ability to adjust EQ and filter settings for the audio directly within Recycle. It's similar to having a wave editor inside the program. Very nice!

Lastly, I think the best way to maximize is using REX files with Propellerheads Reason! Reason allows you to add as many "DR. REX" machines as your want, Rewire the audio to Cubase, Logic, or Digital Performer, and you can automate filter parameters within Reason in the DR. REX module and still process the audio via plugins in your sequencer package's Rewired audio channels - all in real time.

Another thing worth mentioning is the great technical support and active message board on the Propellerheads web site. Any questions are answered almost the same day! Where else do you get that kind of support? There are also tons of REX sample CDs on the market. Skip to my Loops, Chemical Beats, 160DB, and so many more!

Anyone who says this program isn't that great must be smoking something! This software is found in almost every major studio. It's a tool like anything else. USE IT!

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 13-Feb-02 at 0:51
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