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Ian Florens a part-timer user from UK writes:
Hi, I've been using FL for about 4 years now. I have now completely mastered it and when you really get to know what everything does it is amazing what you can do. I'm into remixing, you can hear my remixes on youtube; search for Ian Florens. Top marks for FL..NICE

posted Thursday, 21-Feb-08 at 4:40
Hem a part-timer user from Nepal writes:
Fruity loops is the perfect one. Only u need is good technical fingeres and atentive ears to make the tracks and beats.

posted Monday, 17-Dec-07 at 1:19
masterpiece a part-timer user from ghana writes:
i think fl studio will be one of the greatest things to happen in music production. i have made my mind to make friends oriented to this kind of business and i have got a lot to talk about if you are able to email me. i will be ready to teach anyone interested and even share some of my projects also.

posted Wednesday, 28-Nov-07 at 14:10
Enrique a part-timer user from Cyprus writes:
Hi guys, I ve been using FL 6-7 for almost 2 years now and I have to say that is my first and only software. At the begining I saw a friend workin on it just for fun and it kinda made me curious so i tried it! After that i bought the pro version and started workin on it every single day after university... So I met a lot of people from trance world and most of them said that FL is a childish software for production. The only think i could say was that im giving it a try... Honestly now after two years I released my first remix and one original mix of mine and the guys im workin with use cubase for years and they cant beleive what im doing with fl... Just need practise and thats all! remember u must allways mix any sounds u made filters equalisers compressions delays reeverbs try out everything... Good luck FL users and if u have a question about it just ask me! Keep using it it gets even better with the new mixing machines they publish every day at image line:P

posted Wednesday, 21-Nov-07 at 20:55
Individ a hobbyist user from Denmark writes:
Hi, I have been using Fl for about two years now, and have mastered the basics in producing and mixing with it. Then I run into the "professional" sequencers such as, Cubase and Protools etc. and can't really figure them out. I found both a pros and cons about using FL. Pros is that FL has a userfriendly interface, and you can start making your tracks right away without any pre adjusting the project. On the other hand, you will lose some technical knowledge about hardwares used for producing music in a studio. And thats where Cubase and Protools are good, since those program are suited for professional studio engineers, who are used to pre adjust their project before begining. FL is a good software for beginners and intermediate producers, while protools and cubase require alot of technical knowledge concerning Studio engineering. But still, i got to take my hat of for Fruity Loops because of the userfriendly interface.

posted Sunday, 22-Apr-07 at 8:44
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