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arrowReleased: mid 90's  arrowVersion: 0.00
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Mikefoundahobby writes:
Good and cheap amp simulator,24 presets can be edited (very easily).Most presets are already very good.The sound quality is amasing (i got rid of my zoom 505II after i got this baby).

Comes down to this: if you find it cheap then grab it! Note: It emulates, when looking for "your sound" then buy something else.

Good Points
Cheap,good distortion sounds,good delay,can sound really dirty (thrashy,punky etc.)
Bad Points
Bypass only by button not by pedal.

 Ibanez VA3 Specifications:

Analog IOs:
left/right out, input, aux in ,phones
Midi IOs:
Maximum Resolution:44.1k@16 bit PCM
Amp simulator (distortion,delay)
Software supported:

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