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  wave 2.2 At a Glance
Picture needed arrowReleased: 1982  Specifications
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Till Kopper (Till_Kopper) writes:
This was my dream synthy for years, but they were so expencive. When I bought it used for a quarter of the new price I played a month or so every night on it. Thousends of unheard sound came out of this keyboard. I loved the wave so much, that I later bought even a PPG wave 2.3 and the waveterm. I sampled and played for nights with the realtime loop. But I had to sold them, because the were many brakedowns. I missed them and so I bught the Waldorf WAVE. Nearly the same sound, more knobs.

keep on turning these knobs

Till Kopper

Comments About the Sounds:
Digital, harsh, Oberheim like, but not as warm.Many digital dirt above 15 kHz

(Thanks to Till Kopper for this info.)

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