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Logan a professional user from USA writes:
I just wanted to note a few things about this sampler. When I was looking for a sampler I could not find any info on the S1100. So here's what I know now.

I ended up buying a S1100 and two S1100EXs. I have a total of 40 megs of ram between all of the samplers. I have 30 outs, 48 voices of polyphony, 48 parts of mulitimbrality, 48 MIDI channels and three different effects processors. This far exceeds any sampler setup out there for $750 USD.

The S1100EX is a slave S1100 unit. It is a S1100 with all the goodies, SCSI, effects, 10 outputs, etc. However, it has no controls. SO you have to use a S1100 to control it. Its very easy to join them up via SCSI. Then you just use the S1100 to select which sampler you want to control (S1100 or one of the S1100EXs).

Like I said I have three of them and it works great.

It sounds great. It slighty compresses the sound and helps give a slight "professional sounding" edge to it. It also helps going into a high-quality desk or console. It sounds much more professional than an S2000. Some people prefer the sound of the S1100 to the S2000 and S3000 series. I have to agree.

Has built in effects. Digital in/out. Eight individual outs. SMPTE. It has all of these as standard.

You can just inculde a Computer in the SCSI chain to edit and library your samples. I would ONLY use a Macintosh as Wintels can be a pain when it comes to SCSI cards and drivers. Then just get some good software like Recycle or D-Sound Pro. Its also fast and easy to use the editing window on the sampler (S1100).

I got my S1100 and 2 S1100EXs for less than $750 USD. The S1100EXs were brand new when I bought too.

Robin Whittle (of Devilfish TB303 fame) makes 32 meg RAM cards for these for about $285 USD. So for less than a new S5000 or S6000 you can do what I have done. it rocks!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Dec-24-2000 at 06:40
hyowon park from Seoul, South Korea writes:
THE BEST SAMPLER.. but except Fairlight CMI series. Ease of use, superb quality, very large LCD and beautiful hardware design..

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Dec-20-2000 at 00:39
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