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Average rating: 4.2 out of 5
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Devin a part-time user from CA, USA writes:
This is a great board fro the the price, I paid $500 us brand new. The sounds compare to much higher priced keyboards. I also bought the ZR76 card it was well worth it. I bought this board because it had a nice base of varied sounds, I play for a church on sunday but I make hip hop tracks during the week. This board fits this. I think my only problem is the feel of the keys, they fell really stiff I'm still trying to get used to them.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Oct-05-2003 at 11:59
Peter Bressinck a professional user from Belgium writes:
E-mu has never been popular among Belgian musicians, rather because E-mu's marketing guys don't know where Belgium is.Nevertheless I've always been a great fan of their OS of the little proteus modules.I am the proud owner of a Vintage keys plus for more than 10 years now.I still use it daily.I own a lot of other synths too. Roland XP-series, Yamaha S80, Korg Triton.I use them all but in live, only 2 synth cut the mix for me, the Yamaha S80 and the PK6. If you read the reviews about the Proteus 2000 you get the idea the new E-mu synths are really bad. I can only say that the presets in my PK-6 are really bad.Very little sfx are used and very little use of the powerfull filters. After some programming, you discover that this baby is really powerfull and very good sounding. I've managed to get some really cool sounding string-sound out of this machine,without the orchestral expansion board.The Hammond-emulations sound very good but wish there were more raw samples to use, like in the Vintage key. You can always buy the B-3expansion. Forget acoustic drums because there are no velocity-sensitive set-up.But the electronic drums sound really professional.You can score an RnB score or soul/dance/hip hop record with this easily.Basses work for me. I bought the ZR-expansion board for the perfect piano, because, although useable, the preset acoustic piano's are not on parr with other recent synths like the S80/S30.And I wanted some more string pads. For guitar and wind instruments, buy a yamaha or roland.But as always sometimes a crappy sound may sound very good if played in the right context, i.e. the trumpet patches are very good when played long and slowly,so don't play be-bop with them. The keyboard action is very good, sturdy for a synth in this price range,because let's be honest the only difference between this 1000Euro/dollar synth and a 2500Euro/dollar synth is the lack of a sequencer and weighted keyboard action. I always found Roland sounds very good when playing solo, that is not in a band, or in a studio but the E-mu has really cool live features and sound quality and sounds very mature in studio situations. As always sound quality is very personal but this synth demands to be tweeked. If you just need good presets that everybody else uses, buy a roland. Even Nelly and Kelly use the presets on their chart topping single.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Feb-18-2003 at 10:31
Peter a part-time user from Belgium writes:
I have always been a sucker for E-mu gear, I own a Vintage keys plus, because of their good quality sounds that sit very well in a mix. Through a sequencer or performing live. The E-mu sounds have the right push. This is also the case with the PK-6. When compared in an A-B test with other brands like Roland or Yamaha you would probably choose the Roland or Yamaha because of their delicate sounds drenched in reverb and chorus. But when recording or playing life, certainly the Roland gear lacks the sound- 'penetration' of the E-mu sounds. The PK-6 has lots and lots of sounds on board and are very easy to edit, even in real-time with four controller knobs. It has no ways of storing them externally (no disk,flash cards) but there are many ram sounds 4*128 on which you can store your own sounds. The PK-6 has usuable acoustic piano sounds, very good rhodes and wurlitzer type sounds (the analog, not the digital emulations),the basses and drums are excellent. It is also very powerfull in real synth and pad sounds. For guitars and sax-emulations try elsewhere. Out of the box the many presets could be better because the PK-6 is very powerfull in the synth departement (especially the filters and patch-connections). After a bit of programming you could easily have some very good acoustic piano sounds. Consider the PK-6 as a real gigging instrument which needs a bit of tweeks to get the most out of it, but when that's done you'll really love it because now you can finally knock those guitar-players out of their statue when playing a synth solo or hammond riffs. The drum and basses are allso very good so you could use it has an extra tone generator in a studio environment. If you want one, it has the right pricing, take your time to get to know it and don't make your judgement based on the presets.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jan-14-2003 at 09:33
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