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Average rating: 4.4 out of 5
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Herman van Donkersgoed a part-time user from Netherlands writes:
I own my 16+ since 1991, have done sound tracks, classic scores (Tjaikovski's Nutcracker) and yesterday played a gig of Doors classics with a bunch of piano, harpsichord and organ (Vox)sampels. I took me two hours to explain that the Manzarek sound was in the 16+, how it got there, and that it was there to stay.

In all those years I became convinced this device was built by musicians instead of the wired guys.

Ahead of it's time, ahead of expectations, above all criticism. Great manual too.

A leaky roof spilt water in the keyboard. That what made it crashed it every 30 minutes. Got a REBUILT motherboard. You believe that? They even was a trading system for parts in the 90-ies. Maybe there still is.

Great Quality/Experience for Money!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jul-01-2003 at 19:26
peter pandemonium from canada writes:
i've used ASR-10, EPS and EPS-16 +...i own a 16+ and use it strictly for hip hop beats. it has a great sound and although i can use the sequencer, sometimes i wish i had a more sophisticated sequencer. but all in all, it's a great machine and i would recomend it for people looking for a good quality sampler.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-Feb-03-2003 at 20:12
Martin Tauchen a part-time user from Germany writes:
The EPS16+R is a monster and a good tool after all this years.It is a big workstation,with seq and good FX. Sound Quality is superb.Unfortunately the RAM is limited to 2MB max. plus an additional Flashrom( for standby sounds not effecting RAM) The EPS16+ has many things,wich its competitors had not at its time.Alone this good analog Philips Filters are a buy worth.The flexible routing matrix is perfect.And some functions of the OS are pretty smart.Load while Play is great.So you can handle easy with only 2MB RAM. A plus is also the HD connection,wich makes it much faster to operate with sounds.And if you a are not a logistic Nerd,then no one will discover(until today!) that you work only with 2MB actual RAM. Full of many,many functions and tools.

And it was shipped with one of the best manual ever written.Each function was explained in detail. I read a lot of manuals about synths,samplers and so on.But the Ensoniq manual is still my number one.If you want to get chessy manuals,read ROLAND, CASIO,Korg manuals.You will experience the blue mountains.

The EPS16+ was ahead of its time and is still now a very good choice.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Dec-08-2002 at 16:15
otniel a hobbyist user from Finland writes:
As my first hardware sampler/sequencer I have nothing but positive experiences. At first when I abandoned pirate softs and bought the 16+ I thought my leap of faith would get me facing a brick wall with no way over it. Instead, after a five minute quick overview of the sucky-sucky-manual I found myself creating full compositions from 1 hour of opening the box. I just read through the reviews of MPC2KXL and gosh, are these kids spoilt. If you can't make beats at ease with 2 Megs (expanded memory) you are probably forgetting to edit all the silence from the end of samples or are an idiot who doesn't deserve to use a sampler. So far I haven't even found a way to use up more than 2000 blocks of memory.. what are these people screaming about their need of 32Mb? what are you, Puffy Combs looping entire 80's hits? :P The EPS16 Plus is incredibly easy to learn and the effects are great. Plus the sound it gives to the samples is dope. The only bad thing I can name is the slower-than-yo-grandmama-DD-disks. Other than that, I am very pleased with my purchase (350 euros with memory and output expanders)

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-May-27-2002 at 06:03
JJ a hobbyist user from Finland writes:
This thing is most easier to rate just by listing plusses and minuses:

+ very crunchy sound + a very intuitive sequencer(repeations, mutes) + effects are very alive and sound good. effects does not sound "cheap" + personally i like the user interface(most people probably wont.) + just the functions that you really need, no extra shit that is useless anyway.

- floppy swapping if no external storage or flashbank. - tilts every now and then. sometimes really irritating. - effects cannot be compined(fx contains 2-3 subeffects that cannot be freely selected separately).

i have had yamaha a5000 for 7 months and i sold it now and bought back eps16+. i think it is more intuivite and does not take your mind away from basics o music. funny and good sounding old sampler.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Feb-06-2002 at 09:57
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