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Average rating: 4.0 out of 5
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Kannon a professional user from Fort Worth, Texas writes:
I been having my ensoniq asr x pro for about 3 months, and I master the whole machine..I finally realize that it's not the machine. It's the person behind the machine. I had a akai mpc 3000 and I just use it for drums only...when I got the asr x pro I was afraid to use the machine, because a lot of hear say, I lock myself up in my room with the machine...and create mad hip hop flava that isn't like anything I ever experience on any machine...the seq timing is tight, and right..forget the's a killa machine....kill the hype about these machines and start creating beats from your own point of view...I done lots of track for up coming hip hop cats down south..who heared my tracks and said I use a akai mpc....Man plz..I tell them it's a ensoniq asr x pro....To be honest with ya, anything the akai mpc can do, the ensoniq can do it better.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Nov-17-2001 at 22:07
ricky j a part-time user from usa writes:
I have the chance to work on the ASR-X the first one-not the red ASR-X pro. I hope they have made so drastic changes in the machine. I know that blk ASR-X wasn't worth much. The sound were pretty good but, the seq'ing was the worst I had ever worked with. And sometimes when I would reload a song the sound would come back in the wrong pitch or even the wrong song. Not the the ASR-X was all bad baecause there's one at this pawn shop that I'm going to pick up just to use some of the different sounds and for the nice size effects you can put on the sounds or run other instruments through if you dont have a normal effects processor. Plus it has a sampler and for $400 I can't pass it up( like most pieces of equipment that I see). For all you equipment nuts out there(the ones that just cant pass up a good price on a good piece of equipment soon I will be setting up a sight -MOCHEEZMO{same name as my record label}.com that will have pics of equipment that will come from different music shops around here and if there is a piece of equipment that you like on there I will for no charge to you haggle to get you the best price-you send the money to buy it and you pay for the shipping. So until then enjoy.

posted Thursday-Sep-13-2001 at 23:51
VU from sunnyvale,california,usa writes:
first off all lets get a few things straight about the asr-x. ive had mine at least 3yrs,maybe 4. and i still havent mastered it. its a very deep machine. its effects are 16-bit,with the asr-10 and eps-16 you lose polyphony with 16-bit effects. the effects sound way thicker and tighter on the asr-x,trust me. the only thing the asr-10 has on the "x" as far as effects goes is this:you can have 2 seperate modulation controllers whereas the "x" you can only have 1. as far as sampling goes the asr10 does way more than the "x". but you have to understand that the asr10 is very difficult to learn,whereas the "x" is a lot easier. the one thing the "x" doesnt have that i would like is mutisampling and editing of multilayers. even though you can have up to 16 "layers" per sound on the "x",you can edit them from the front panel. also, i would strongly suggest to anyone buying the "X" to look into buying the ensoniq sample cds from the emu/ensoniq site or synthaur. the sounds on these cds kill the exp-3 board. i just made the switch. i wish i was and engineer because i would combine the asr10,asr-x and the fizmo and make an awesome machine! my dream machine would have a built-in jazz drive,cd-r drive,128mg ram expandable to 1g,64 tracks,the fizmo's transwaves,digital i/o,lot of front panel knobs,ect..... i know im dreaming but........

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jun-14-2001 at 07:49
sjmojo a professional user writes:
its a integrated machine,adding exp boards sound rom u get more useful sounds,but on sampling,it lacks the depth of the older ensoniq samplers like asr10 or even eps16plus.same as the effects,its raw,but not has the depth of the efx on asr10/eps16plus,just like a budget-dp2 lacks something dynamic on the dp4plus. but for a groovebox and synths are warma nd fat,the drums are fat,good for hip hop,but the problem is its basic nature is sampling....and on groovebox type machine,its got good touching pads but missing the knobs.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jun-06-2001 at 06:27
GARY a part-time user from the sco/ frisco(San Francisco) writes:
Great sounding sampler and you can find them cheap right now!!! don't bother with the sequencer it's weak but with something like logic or cubase you'll be rockin'. great sounding effects very solid. I owned my asr-x since 1998 and it's my workhorse. I've done all my projects with it. If you get one , get one with the 8 output expansion & scsi. This sampler would be useful in any studio. It's solid & with great drum pads. No regrets!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-May-04-2001 at 22:20
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