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Average rating: 4.0 out of 5
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Greg from usa writes:
here is what I wrote to Ensoniq tech support...don't buy this machine!" This is the final straw with your machine......what a piece of crap....It is the second one I've owned, and both were having the same storage problems. Faceit, you and all of us users KNOW It doesn't save to SCSI properly, giving error messages like "SORRY! UNEXPECTED EVENT 5 OCCURED!". Then, all of your hard work just goes to shit. It is pretty damn frustrating when you spend six days on a piece of work, attempt to save it to Syjet drive, and you get a message saying "not enough memory", when I damn well know there is enough memory on the disk. So, I go out and buy an ORB 2.2 gig drive because Rubber Chicken says it is great, and recommends it. What does it do? It gives me the event five message, and there goes my music. It wouldn't save to a disk that had enough space to begine with, then blows it's memory when I buy a new disk drive for it. Fuck it....the ASR-X is a toy, and nothing more. I have had these problems with both units I owned, so it is not a defect in the one I own, it is a systemic, operating system problem that ensoniq knows exists and has yet to resolve. What is the point of owning a machine that that doesn't allow you to save your work. Over Way over two grand I have invested in your machines (not including storage devices) only to have the same problems. The songs I did save on the syjet drive would not load back into the machine. ALL my oprior work has been lost, forever! To a serious musician, that is like losing a part of is gone...and you know is your companies fault, so fuck all of you for releasing such an inane, shitty product. I am going to post this message for all to see on the ensoniq users website and Harmony-Central, then I am buying another product that actually works and never using an ensoniq again. I am fed up with this unit. Question? Why did it reformat my 'Session'files on my syjet drive into something unreadable? Why did it bolow my memory when I attempted to format an Orb drive with it? Why does it glitch and guffaw during sequencing? Why, when the memory starts to get pressed, does it not inform you? It simply starts acting weird, ERASING YOUR SEQUENCES! Then, when you attempt to save your work, it loses it completely!

DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE....Yeah, it has great features, but is TOOOOOO Bug ridden!

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Feb-02-2000 at 12:47
Aaron Zilch a professional user from Mpls MN, USA writes:
The most crazy flexible realtime control I have thus far encountered. Being able to set up a single controler to screw w/ multiple different parameters for each pad is brilliant. Not to mention the ability to set up multiple start and loop points for each sample saves junglists from filling up the RAM with multiple edits of the same sample. Can't wait to install the OS upgrade to fix the annoying SCSI speed issue. Even my Esi-32 smokes this thing at loading at this point

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Jan-14-2000 at 04:23
funking a professional user from canada writes:
rules: very straight-forward in use, and actually very fazt once u get your head around the menue strugture & short-cuts, superb audio cuality (filters&fx fab!), deep sample editng, 3x 5stage envelopes, a superior resampling scratch-pad system making it the fastest/most convinient resampler on the planet!!

sucks: menue based OS, sequencer isn't so hot, but very good at getting ideas down, slow envelopes.

S2ooo ESI..?? in the same price range there's nothing else!

its like a A3ooo w/pads and a tiny lcd

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jan-03-2000 at 16:58
Ryan Lunenfeld a hobbyist user from New York writes:
last sunday i picked up this beautifal black box from sam ash for 550 : ), an amazing price because it was floor model, to my amazement the dance card was installed already, and so was 16 megs of ram. I love it, sure it's sequencer isn't really good, but i didn't want this box for that. If i wanted to do heavy sequencing with a sampler, i would definately not have picked up this. I would've picked up the esi2000 and use cubase to sequence it, normally i love lots and lots of sequencing but after getting this machine i love real time recording, the pads are lots of fun : ), the rom sounds are amazing on this machine, they make me happy everytime i use them: ), it handle's bass great, and i don't mind the little screen, i can always use a computer for editing the ways with a nice screen. This is my first REAL sampler, i've used computer programs to sample, but that's no fun. The effects are amazing, and it's a/d and d/a conversion is great. It's become my favorite unit out of everything i've used, and i've used a lot of equipment. I just wish somone could tell me how i could check what os i have. I didn't get a manual with it, sam ash lost it : (, but i dont' really need one for it, it's very very very easy to understand. There are some features i don't know too much about, but those are the advanced features, which i shouldn't learn at first, because what's the fun of that ?: ) i want to explore for a while :o)

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Dec-10-1999 at 16:08
Aaron a hobbyist user from US, Virginia writes:
The ASRX is the best thing going for an all in one production unit. Plug in a guitar or mic with effects...The sequencer totally sucks. If your're playing a looped sequecence and change the sound or mute on a track it skips like a bad CD.

posted Thursday-Nov-11-1999 at 11:35
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