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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Crooked Hands a professional user from Thailand writes:
Bought mine a while back second hand & was all exited about putting my hands on it - now I've sold it because its sounds don't inspire me any longer.

Personally, the quality of a sound is what matters most. Whilst this is of course very subjective ("what's your favourite blend of coffee"....?!?), surely out of the ZR-76's 1,200 sounds everybody will be able to find something they like or they don't! For me, after a while there is too much I don't like anymore. To start with, a "perfect piano sound" is not "perfect" unless it is the real thing - granted, with 16MB of sample it does come reasonably close. Closer than any other tool / machine out there today? Hardly so. From there on - 1,199 sounds stored in it to what's out there today and I let you do the "maths" on how many truly great sounds (even after tweaking & fiddling) you'll be able to find or create.

I would still recommend the ZR-76 however as a fun, intuitive (yes, it is easier to use than a MOTIF!) and creative tool for solo-musicians at home to practise & record & jam around, at a very good price indeed.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Thursday-Nov-20-2003 at 04:12
I love mine!! EASILY gives the MOTIF a run if not a good spanking. Can't believe the IDIOTS who rated this a 1, 2 or a 3??? OPEN YOUR EARS!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Feb-11-2003 at 16:50
Steve Vernon a part-time user from USA writes:
I have had this board for about 2 years now and have just started wrighting serious music with it.The ZR76 is for the songwrighter,not for the (beat the jukebox player).Lets face it. No one keyboard has endless banks of beautiful sounds,however if you pick and chose them wisely,and tweak them with the onboard effects,the effort will be well worth it. The built in sequencer is a flat out blast to create with. You can overdub without loss of recording quality.Of course it wont be studio standard,but it is good enough to submit for songwrighting purposes.The internal software can be a tad glitchy at times.Mine will pop-out of a patch sometimes,and for that reason i wouldnt reccomend it for giging. I have based my rating on comparisons of other synths i have owned or played.That is why i give this one a 5.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Sep-01-2002 at 11:08
chris barnett a hobbyist user from seattle writes:
for a keyboard that came out in 1998 it still stands with the best of them...everything new is counter-intuitive or so full of knobs and switches one needs an engineering degree to figure it out...with the ZR it's ready, set, compose...a real stalwart in the keyboard industry and one of my finest purchases of any kind!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jun-04-2002 at 17:53
J.R. a part-time user from Colorado, USA writes:
I've owned a number of synths and workstations over the last 15 years. I looked high and low for my next workstation about a year and a half ago. I tried everything on the market; all the top of the line Korg, Kurzweil and Roland workstations. The ZR was by far, IMO, the best one of the lot. It's not a perfect synth since I believe it has some shortcomings in the bass, pad and synth patches. However, these patches can be easily tweaked to yield satisfactory sounds. The "Perfect Piano" is the best piano sound I've ever heard coming out of a synth. Period. The strings and orchestral sounds are superb. The electric pianos are top notch and the Drums are THE BEST drums I have ever heard in a synthesizer. The piano and the drums is enough reason to get this machine. I am so blown away by the drum sounds that I will most likely sample them and keep them around in case the ZR ever craps out on me. The sax patches sound so REAL! I will sample these as well. This is the best all around synth I have ever used and it's a real shame that it is out of production. I cannot see why E-MU doesn't keep producing/building upon this great synth. I'll go as far as to say that this may be one of the top ten synths of all time! Yes. That's how much I like this baby.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jun-03-2002 at 19:16
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