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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Anthony Walker a part-time user from Fort Lauderdale florida writes:
I have just purchased my Ensoniq ASR -10 .I love what it does so far but i have one problem sometimes when I load up sounds i will hear a irritating pop/cackle like sound in the background,or when i use a microphone i will hear it.Can anyone please tell me how to fix this problem?It is really annoying me? thanks

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-02-2001 at 14:16
D.J.MARTYMCFLY a part-time user from CLEVELAND writes:
ASR-10 was and still is aheah of its time! Wut else do you want sounds? Quit sittin' in the lab diggin' in your nose thinkin' about shiped factory sounds and start diggin' in the crates! This keyboard is serious!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jul-17-2001 at 00:38
Kalar a professional user from Atlanta writes:
I use the ASR-10 for all of my production. This is one of the best workstations created. I haved used other gear and I just prefer the ASR-10. The SP-1200'S, MPC'S are tight, but the beats that are constructed on these units are created by the user. Choose whatever unit you prefer and just make some good music.

I have a ASR-10 keyboard in very good condition, fully blown 16mb memory, with sound disks and all manuals. I am selling it for $1100. The only reason I am selling this unit is because I have two.

For more info. contact Kalar at 678-592-0082 or email me at

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jul-04-2001 at 11:43
Joe from Bronx, NY writes:
ASR10 is like my right hand! I only wish there were places to buy more keyboard sounds for it. I was beefin with some wack sound company over poor quality when I saw some heads on hear recommended, thank you, thats all i can say. they filled the bill for dope hiphop drums, made my sh*t sound CURRENT! but i still need a place for those hot key sounds, anyone have advice? please email me at No complaint about my asr10, only wish It wasnt so big and heavy, that sh*ts a pain to lug to the studio! lol!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jul-03-2001 at 07:20
Henry Lai a professional user from Hong Kong writes:
The ASR is a HOT machine and hot I mean temperature-wise. From what I heard the Ensoniq designer used the front/top panel as a heat sink and you can almost fry an egg on top. But my cat loves it! I have two ASR and the reson I bought the 2nd one was because the 1st one brokedown and I needed to go into studio the next day. Now the problem was fixed because my maintenance guy discovered a loose connection to the power supply which caused spark and ruined some of the board, 'causing a lot of erratic behaviour and unreliability. This problem existed in my other ASR too so it may a potential hazzard to yours as well. Well worth checking it out.

Anyway after all these, I'm happy to report that my ASRs are working perfectly and when they work, they are the best. I sample everything through it. Sometimes I sample the guitar solo, EFX it and play it back and it gives a very finished touch. Forget about Akai, I hate the "plastic" sound of Akais.And who wants hi-fi sound when this thing can give you sooo much character? the AD of ASR is absolutely FAT. Great for String and dark brass pads, big MF bass, super punchy drums. Do not import Akai sounds and expect them to sound good 'cause they don't. The only way to make it sound good is to sample through it's Analog input. Forget about the digital board, a piece of crap, I sold mine. The ASR is a beast and you've got to tame it to bring out the best!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jul-02-2001 at 01:29
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