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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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emory a hobbyist user from us writes:
This sampler is NOT A PHRASE SAMPLER. It is merely a drum machine that uses samples. I have yet to find a way to loop samples, except to match the bpms of the sample to the bpm of the machine itself, which is useless when playing with a live drummer. It actually does make a great drum machine, with an 808/ fruity loops style grid. There is no function to scale the notes, although you can pitch each one with a very sensitive knob. The basic layout is simple enough. This is like owing half a sampler, as it does sequences pretty nicely, but i wish it were more flexible. I have owned this and the Yamaha SU10, SU200, Boss Dr. Sample (sp202) and Zoom Sampletrak, and i will say although not as user friendly, the Sampletrak was the best. Still searching for the perfect sampler...

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Oct-04-2006 at 00:23
voltagehead a hobbyist user from usa writes:
the es1 is a great box i use mine all the time. i mostly load samples by smartmedia on to the es1.i like how raw it sounds the fxs are way cool.i use the es1 mostly for drum beats and sync other gear up to it for synth and other parts. when it comes down to it the es1 is one of the best cheap samples there is.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Nov-02-2005 at 19:31
Tony York a professional user from USA writes:
This is a modern day classic!! I paid $225? for this a couple of years ago and its one of my best purchases by far! Its not just a sampling beat box! Its a sampling drum synth!! Resample!! I use it live running a synth through its audio input in pattern mode and motion sequence the FX/delay. Then out of the ES-1 into a tape loop and so on!! Very flexable even if it is limited in a couple of ways. I will never sell this thing! Once it breaks (and it probably will)Ill buy another and another! Its a really fun little machine!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jun-27-2005 at 06:35
SnowSnowSnow a hobbyist user from santa fe, nm; us writes:
I took a chance when i bought the ES-1, only had i really played on an electribe once before and not for to long. I was looking for a drum machine, reasonably priced, and preferably not roland (everyone here has a dr of some sort). I have really never sampled before either, i have background in alot of soft synth programs like reason/fruity loops and have used a nord lead2/micro korg extensivley--this was definatley easier to figure out then all of them if you know how to find your way around knobs and buttons.

After the first 10 minutes it was easy to create beats and load pre-made samples, even apply effects. But it was not till a few days later when i sat down with the manual did i really begin to love the ES-1. The sampling system is great! After about 40 minutes of tinkering i had erased all of the (reallllly shitty) pre-set samples and had created a 40 samples of my own drums and another 10 of random stuff from my gameboy to counter-strike. The sample editor is really easy to use and the machine has enugh memory (especially if you buy an extra card) for alot of music.

The actual pattern making and song construction was easy to use as well, alowwing basic patterns from 1 16 part step to 4 16part steps and much more space for linking patterns together than you would ever need. Effects can be applied like Distortion, Reverb, Flange, Decimator, Pitch Shift, Iscolator etc. Also there is a seperate secion for delay, both have sync'ing options with the song. The samples all have a basic pitch, level, filter and pan options, all with roll buttons and a slicing system which i have yet to experiment with.

My only complaints are these: 1)When put into a pattern the sound is weak compared to when you just listen to the sample by pressing the preview button, but this can be fixed by amplification meathods or the filters on the actual face of the electribe 2)The edit section (filters the samples) can only be put to one setting per pattern, meaning only distortion for all the noises, or only phase for all the noises etc.

I have yet to experiment with seperate midi-controllers connected to the ES but i hear its great. Overall its many features and simple learning curve definatley make it worth the 180$ i paid for it (ebay). With the right stereo to 1/4 jack converters you can sample anything with a headphone jack, an audio out jack, and thats not counting buying the smart card USB connecting for your computer and doing straight computer to card samples.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jan-27-2005 at 21:12
bryun from palmdalia writes:
Just got this the other day for 175, a good deal, but the volume pot is broken. No problem, though, as the volume of each sample is adjustable anyway. This is a more powerful tool than people make it out to be. I just wish the effects could be saved to a sample, and more than one affect could be used at once. People bitch about this machine being too hard but I figured it out in under an hour. The pattern programming is unbeleivably easy. The box is durable although people say it isn't. I could see how one could easily break a pot or lose a knob, though. Overall this machine is awesome and althoug I am not into digital boxes, this thing kicks ass.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Dec-03-2004 at 00:32
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