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Average rating: 4.6 out of 5
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mr_munch a part-time user from norway writes:
This synth is just awsome!!!! With the new OS you can program your own karma (ge) so to you who thinks this is cheating try to program some good ge`s for your self. i just love it

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jun-22-2002 at 15:21
Midi a professional user from USA writes:
YAY! 2.0 is now online go here:

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jun-15-2002 at 01:03
Norm Vogel a hobbyist user from New Jersey writes:
This is one of THE most incredible synths out there! (And, I've played many of 'em -- from the ARP2500/2600, modulars to the newest VA synths).

The sounds are INCREDIBLE! You can, for example, make the sound of a HARP, complete with a PLUCKED STRING sound -- how many synths can do that?!?!!

It's got a library of hundreds of sounds, from orchestral to early synth to sound effects, like doors slamming & people laffing!

The "groove" section is incredible, too! It plays grooves while you can play the melody on the keys -- a DJ's Dream!

This is a synth that is NOT easily fact, i'm not at all sure that anyone CAN.....but, you can ENJOY TRYING!!!!!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Apr-04-2002 at 21:02
There is no video manual for the Karma,and never was.But hardly a day goes by when someone wont ask about it on the Yahoo list (which you should join BTW).

The Karma's manuals aren't "great literature",but they are some of the better ones I've seen-they sure beat the hell out of any Yamaha ones I've been subjected to.

Go to and download S. Kay's FAQ-it will help you alot.

posted Wednesday-Mar-20-2002 at 09:00
paul bason a hobbyist user from UK writes:
I have just bought a Korg Karma after months of deliberation, I am no where near proffesional and its only the second time i have bought a peice of machinery like this, my first purchase 3 years ago was a Roland JX305, (not the most amazing piece of equipment, i know !) but i studied and learnt this workstaion inside out and even managed to become a top ten finalist in the anual Roland Groovegear championships in London, i unfortunatley lost my job a couple of months later and sold my keyboard on the basis that i would buy another one after i sorted out my finances, after i sold it i was playing some of my recording songs to a friend and a guy from a top company who make adverts and playstation games (!!!!!????) said he really wanted to use my music for there adverts and games, i was well p*ssed off as i sold my keyboard, so now i have gone out and bought a Karma and to be honest im worried. I have never read instruction manuals so bloody difficult to understand, I decided to start learning the sequencer, i understand the concept of Realtime recording but the step recording instructions are really thin on the ground, as ive said, im no proffesional, but am very keen to learn. how on earth am i supposed to do this with such ridiculous instructions, Last night I had another grapple with it, i followed it step by step and it then tells me to open page Rec/Play 7.5 step record option/find out your self mate, option (or something along those lines), the guide doesnt even tell you how to open that page !!! instead you have to keep refering to different pages of the other manuals, Is there an easier way to understand what language Korg writers are talking in or am i being completley stupid, I did a mensa IQ test today and scored 136 ! so i dont think its the latter. If i were Korg i would talk advise from every reviewer and change the flippin manuals, they are going to have a very busy Tech support office for the next 3 years, 1 more thing, I asked if there was a Video manual for the Karma, Korg have stopped making them !!! but not the Triton Video manuals, WHY !! Im going to rate this keyboard minus 5 for now and pray that i can give it a better rating next time, if you can give me any advise please email me at

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Mar-20-2002 at 08:01
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