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Average rating: 4.4 out of 5
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My name is not important... a hobbyist user from San Fransisco,CA writes:
Thems shits is fat. Probably the best thing to ever bear the words "Realistic" Pretty sure you can get a Kenton box to midi the cv/gate for 175 or less. best 75$ i ever spent on a synth...there is a mod for this to have the audio ins routed to the filter and perhaps the EG.

posted Wednesday-Sep-02-1998 at 02:21
Leviathant a hobbyist user from Shrewsbury, PA writes:
I just got to play around with one of these at Atomic Music, and at first, I was like, boy, sounds like electronic interference, big whoop. Fiddled around with it, couldn't get it sounding very good, until I let my pal Jason play the keyboard while I fiddled with the settings, and then my GOD can this thing scream! I guess it's that I've never had a detune option (I'm rather new to the synth world) but that thing really made some wacked out noises! I finally got it making some REALLY wicked sounds, and now I'm setting out to find one to call my own (they wanted $250 at Atomic, but that's what I payed for my K3, that's how much my DR-660 was, I think I can find it for a wee bit less than that). Very cool, though it felt like it was going to fall apart. Weee!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Aug-04-1998 at 16:06
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