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Average rating: 3.8 out of 5
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STAN a professional user from US writes:
Not much of a synth. Upwards of 500 bucks is crazy! Better than a prodigy, it does more! This is no hidden gem. They have always been lesser regarded than most other monos. The build quality is cheap and plastic. Many buy them believing they are going to get a mini. They are soon disappointed. They were sold off for real cheap bucks when they were new. The SH101 killed them off being 10 times better in every single way. Now people want more for a Rogue than a 101. They lump the Rogue in with those slightly oddball synths like the Wasp and 202. Those have a real character. The Rogue doesn't. Its spec is basic and the sound quality so so. More for moog heads to dream over than for real music people. The crazy sound effects that some have spoken about are not unique. Just ordinary mono stuff that any synth can create. The bass sounds are ok, though the leads are weakish. Buy yourself something serious like a pro 1 or a 101. the Rogue is just another over hyped moog .

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Sunday-Sep-15-2002 at 13:27
Mike Else a hobbyist user from Chicago, IL - USA writes:
Being only 16, and having little experience with older synthesizers, I don't have much of a reference point. I've played around with some of my grandfather's stuff before... his minimoog, Hammond B3, even a wooden-cabinet drum machine (drool), but I do know that it this insturment is amazing. If you know what you're doing with it enough, you can make some very rich electronica sounds. I'm a great fan of it. I didn't know that these could be upwards of $500 though... the fellar and Sam Ash said I could sell it for about $200.00. Well, with it's sentimental value, I wouldn't sell it for a million... well maybe I would...

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jul-31-2002 at 22:49
CapnVynl a part-time user from USA writes:
Primarily good for making oddball noises, basses, and flutey portamento leads. There are a number of drawbacks to the synth that anyone in the market for one should be aware of. First, the build is shitty. It holds up, but the key action is horrible and rather noisy even on perfect-condition units. Second, the envelope is too simple to create really good-sounding patches (No decay level, VCA is either gated or based on the same EG as the VCF). Third, the overdrive feature doesn't seem to really give much overdrive, so really you just need to run the thing through a Big Muff to get a good hot sound, or pull the envelope level all the way up. Fourth, the oscillators are not independently pitchable, ie OSC2 is the only one. NOTE that the MG-1 allows both oscs to be pitched and also allows different waveforms for each. The MOOG filter is also a bit steep and pulling the slider down a centimeter seems to knock everything out of the waveform save the fundamental. Not a very musical filter. The low-note priority on the board is annoying. That in combination with the crap keyboard means get a MIDI-CV converter even BEFORE you buy the rogue.

This being said, I mainly use the Rogue to filter external audio, and as an effects processor it is fairly good. It is certainly also good for making strange sounds and the like or the occasional flutey blipblop. Not bad for The Sea and Cake sound, not necessarily good for someone requiring a wider sonic palette.

Buy an MG-1 or don't pay more than $200-250. For that it's a decent buy

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jul-24-2002 at 21:43
BLUE CHUNX a professional user from USA writes:
A great synth for basses or SCi-fi wierd sounds,THe only thing is that with a kenton at least, you have to put the CV and gate cables only in part way and they always slip...a real pain the ass. the filter is amazing!Great for the cash.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Friday-Jun-07-2002 at 07:11
Greg Herzberger a professional user from Cleveland,Ohio USA writes:
Had one, used it mostly for playing out in a top 40, cover band. I used it for bass as we did not use a bass player. It was awesome in this capacity.Sold it a few years ago and wish I hadn't. Would get another one as they are fun to play with, just don't think I'd spend $500.00-Maybe $200-250.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Monday-Dec-31-2001 at 17:29
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