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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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Alias a part-time user from USA writes:
I promised myself I would not give this a review until I had tweaked for at least a month. I am sick of reading reviews that people submit after a 10 minute orgy at their local music store. A week before I bought the Nova, a good friend of mine got infected with the virus b. I have now had well over a month to explore each of these synth's sonic capabilities. First of all, DO NOT LISTEN TO THE NOVA DEMOS ONLINE! After hearing these I was reluctant to even try it out. One listen though, and you hear obvious sounds used in great trance tracks. I shelled out 12 of my hard earned bills. When I finally got it home and listened to the Virus and the Nova side by side I felt like shit. The Nova sounded like a pussy. That weekend we threw a party and was limited to using pads and bass filter sweeps. I toyed with returning it, but instead I decided to create. Damn! The sounds I can make with this are incredible! Lush pads, space-age sfx moving sounds, and even squelchy analog leads (takes time to perfect the harsh leads, but now I can get it to outmuscle the virus). The only thing unprofessional about it is the drums, which flat out blow. Other than that; hip-hop, trance, dnb, techno, ambient, or for just about anything I would recommend this synth. The virus: I recommend that as well. Both the Nova and the Virus can hold their own but both of these together is synergistic. I give the nova and the virus 5/5. I told myself I wouldn't give out anything more than a 4, but basically these machines w/ a sampler is a record deal waiting to happen. Create, stimulate, sign the contract. You are your own limitation.

posted Friday-Feb-11-2000 at 14:50
Mackie from Paris writes:
This synth is just a killer!!!I can't wait to see what the special button will be for...:o))) Anyway, don't really understand people dissing at this beauty:it sounds great,warm,dirty,pure,actually,whatever you want it to sound like!! Now just go try one!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jan-18-2000 at 10:26
Michael Parks a hobbyist user from United Kingdom writes:
Having saved up for a Nova for a while, I bought it recently and it's incredible. Used in a typical UK trance tune (you know the stuff, Simon Berry, Jamie Ford...) it's unbeatable, the leads you can make with it are incredible, altgough the Super Bass-Station is probably better for Basses. As an overall instrument though it's great, my most prized posession, the only slight grumble is the rather lame multitimbrality, 6 parts, I've found once or twice already that this isn't enough

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jan-17-2000 at 17:57
Peter a hobbyist user from holland writes:
Where to start? having owned this synth for several months now, i'm still amazed by the way it sounds. I compared it to several other analog synths like the SC-Pro-one, Roland JX-3P, Juno-106, SH-101, and it surprises me how well it survives in terms of richness (fatness) of it's sounds (i tend to compare synths with all FX like chorus, delay, etc. off). Comparing it to a JP-8000 reveals that nova sounds less harsh probably.. and the nova's oscillators seem to have more depth, enabling for instance better emulations of a TB-303. Furthermore i like the way the nova lacks of stepping.. compare a quick pitch-glide of the nova with one of a JP-8000, and you'll notice that the nova's is smooth whereas the JP-s is terminally stepped, resulting in a computer-ish effect. (the nova DOES step when you adjust the filter or the pitch, or whatever, with a knob, even though novation seems to have found a way of 'hiding' it by making the transitions smoother.. something like a digitally controlled ocsillator as found in a JX-3P)

Howerver, i think there is room for improvement. How about something like an 'analog feel' function (as found on a JV-80)? When you hit 2 octaved notes on a nova, you'll hear something like a flangy effect which occurs due to a lack of instable oscs (a result of digital precision). One can emulate this effect with a subtle setting of the S/H LFO, but it'd be convenient to have something similar which won't cost you a LFO. Another niggle is the ringyness of especially the reverb effects.. They can be useable when used subtly, but any reverb used in large amounts will sound metallic.

Otherwise, as i said before, i think this synth is fantastic! I created some of the biggest strings, sharpest leads, deepest basses and weirdest FX on it, and it stands out in a mix like a sore thumb... even though i'd still like to comapre it to something like a memory-moog (the synth that comes closest as far as audio-specs are concerned, to my opinion). Speaking of which, it would be interesting to see that the 'special waveform' button would include some renditions of waveforms of such classic synths in the future.. As far as the filter is concerned i'm a happy man also, since it will faithfully let you re-create anything from a moog to a OB to a typical roland-sound. This is mainly due to the fact that someone at novation had the stroke of genius to include 'Q-amount', a feature i haven't seen on any other synth yet. It enables you to determine the amount of low-end passed by the filter in correspondence to the adjustments made to the resonance. This allows you to apply full resonance without all your low-end being squeezed out by the filter.

I think i could come up with a lot of other reasons why i love this synth so much (filter overdrive, the arpeggiator, uncompromised effects in multi-timbral mode, etc). Just go out and try it yourself!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jan-12-2000 at 08:28
Thomas Emil Hansen a part-time user from Denmark writes:
Don't judge the Nova because of the presets. They're not half as good as the sounds you could come up with yourself. If you exploit its potential and strengths you surely can turn this machine into a miracle. BTW, isn't that true for every good synth on the market?

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jan-10-2000 at 19:34
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