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puck leek a hobbyist user from netherlamds writes:
I got a Oberheim OBX 8 voice that's not been used sinds 1986 and bought in 1986 it was kept in a proffesionale flightcase all that and never opened!!

I would like to know if I can turn it on because it was not used for such a long time!!

Are there any other things that I realy should know about this Oberheim!?

Thanks very much.

Puck Leek Amsterdam Holland

Rating: 0 out of 5 posted Monday-May-17-2004 at 19:12
Steve a hobbyist user from California USA writes:
I had an OBX that I couldn't repair and let it go for $400. Turned out it was only a bad DAC chip (doh!). Anyway, the OBX is worth owning. It sounds wonderful and is a beautiful looking synthesizer. Great for the collector or enthusiast, but any OBX out there should not be with a gigging musician, because they're rare and not too durable for constant moving around. Lovely to have around the house or studio. They don't make them like that anymore and probably never will. I wish I still had my OBX. What a marvellous keyboard!

posted Monday-Jan-12-2004 at 20:05
k phillips a part-time user from essex writes:
The OBX is a wonderful sounding synth in my opinion. I will not part with this 8 voice monster-no midi arpeggiator sequencer but beautiful sound. The keyboard is a bit stiff but this is characteristic so i have read. If you like analogue this is great sounding with simple controls ,carefully laid out panel easy to use. Nice pads and effects. Perfect.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-May-19-2003 at 10:32
Sammy-Boy a hobbyist user from U.S. writes:
Get this, a friend of mine was telling me his dad was going to sell this "big old keyboard" he had sitting under his bed. I asked him what kind it was, and he didn't know but would ask and tell me the next day. The next day he tells me it's an Oberheim OB-X. I almost collapsed. I asked him how much he wanted for it, and said a couple hundred bucks. Of course I was willing to pay. Later that week, I gave him a call to see when he could drop it off (that's one big and heavy synth) and the father offered it to me for free. I got an Ob-X for free. One of the A# keys doesn't work, and there are some other problems (it only works in manual, you can't save any sounds, the voices are wanky), but I'm in the process of getting it fixed. Man, that thing is cool.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jan-10-2002 at 11:54
Gary Miraz a professional user from USA writes:
I once had and OBX that I bought at a yard sale while still in high school. 12 years later I was forced to part with it. That hurt. And today lo and behold I start talking with a parent at my nephews school over music and he has one at home that he had not turned on in over 10 years. I asked him if he still wanted to keep it. Expecting a "yes" he says no. "It takes up too much space. you can have it for a hundred bucks" Well I paid him and expected the worst. And that I got. Dust, Some nicks and out of tune bleeps and bloops.I persisted. Sprayed the dust and wiped the unit and keys. two voices were out and this was a SIX voicer. Played with the dip switches and discoved that there was a break in the voice order. fixed that but voice 5 is still out. It lights but no sound. Then to the tuning. The switches inside were off for that part of the board. flicked that. Tuning happens. Really cool and sigh of relief. I now have a 5 voice. will continue to putter around. Would like to get two more voice cards. I have heard they are around at a price. Will check again. The OBX sound great, I love how they can open up as a car hood. Great idea. Yes it does blow away the matrix 6. And the OBX-A and 8 have each their own character. The voice cards were also a great idea. The OB8 was only one board mind you. Glad to have it back and for the price. I also came with the BIG Oberheim name and yellow logo. way cool for stage. Thank you Jay.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Dec-15-2001 at 00:07
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