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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Antonio Grazioli a hobbyist user from Italy writes:
I bought my FatMAn two years ago, didn't know much about electronic, but I already soldered some cables, took me 8 hours to build. I really love it, coz I made it! It looked like playing with LEGO blocks... I think the FatMan isn' really that fat, but you can get acid lines and leads. I used in some of my songs, adding some effect, like a pitch shifter, delay, chorus, and it get very interesting. I often used it to double other synth lines. I'd like to order another one to modify it. I would love to build one with some built-in effects.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Dec-27-2001 at 19:50
Markus Haselbach a part-time user from Switzerland writes:
I like the fatman very much. Not a really fat, but a punchy leadsound. And really easy to build and a lot mods are possible. I teach in a audio school. And we're going to build the device in class. Check it out...

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Jun-29-2001 at 03:09
I got one of these some time ago. I really like it. The filters are really strong, and for the price, I don't see how you could go wrong. I really like the idea of the unit. Analog, knobs, rackmount, midi and under $200 usd. Great for tones. I would give it an A.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-May-26-2001 at 14:59
michael broers a hobbyist user from chicago, USA writes:
took me about 1 week of on and off building to complete the kit but am ever so pleased with the sounds. like all poor people i needed some fat analog sounds but could not afford any real vintage synth. this did it for me though. if you make electro or rock (or acid house) call paia up asap and get one of these guys. i love mine to death. for the price and pride of saying you built it yourself (not to mention the rich analog tones) you cant go wrong...unless you f' up the kit:)

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Apr-25-2001 at 15:35
Daniel Patrick a hobbyist user from Oklahoma City, USA writes:
Certainly good bang for the buck, though I feel I maybe should have spent some extra cash and began a modular using Oakley products. This was my first largish project, I had made some simple mic preamps in the past. This project took me about 12 hours, with the bulk of my time spent wiring the panel to the board. I decided to go ahead and build in some mods right up front since I was going to do these simple mods anyway: VCA isolation using LED's, Seperate VCO level controls, VCO Sync, Knob Mods (removing low end on vco pitch and VCF pitch/freq), Max Res switch and VCF LFO. I started with the stock paia fatman panel and drilled new holes to make room for extra pot and switches, painted the panel and labeled it. Looks very trashy. ( : I like it. I've got just one complaint: with VCF Velocity up all the way, VCA Velocity past 12 o'clock, and VCO Pitch pegged I get a distinct popping noise if I play the keys hard. It's obviosly related to the velocity, you hear a pop when striking the key and another when releasing it. I'm trying to track this down now. It my be fault of my own. Not a real big deal, though. This goes away if I turn down the VCF Velocity.

All in all, it's not really "fat" at all, but's it's still groovy and I dig it. Good first project for detail oriented people, of course the directions do ask you to doubel check your work... Twice.. Anyone should be able to finish this kit.

Disclaimer: This is my first and only synth. I don't listen to synth based music. I really have no frame of reference. ( :

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Feb-22-2001 at 00:56
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