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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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Cookie Monster a part-timer user from Some 3rd world nation called the USA writes:
A side note to everyone wanting the PG-300, trying to look through the trash/paying exorbinate amounts of money for it....

Get a Peavy 1600 slider control thingie for around 300 bucks. It's a PG with much more potential....

Unfortunatly, because a great deal of people seem to be uptight about new technology *cough*expensiveoldsynthwhores*cough*, it's been deemed "Not fitting.". I just got one, and it works %@^! great for it.

And I love my DCO's. Remember boys and girls, DCO stands for DIGITALLY CONTROLLED OSCILLATOR. That doesn't mean it's a bunch of PCM samples, or a CPU trying to generate something. It's just kept in whack better. God it's SOOOOO MELLOW, I love it. (new ranking in my heart)

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Nov-02-1999 at 10:03
Cookie Monster a part-timer user from Some 3rd world nation called the USA writes:
Picked one up for about 200 buckies, and all my other stuff is gathering dust now. I bought it to satisfy my need for pads (the MC-303 is not a synth anymore for me... it's a drum box/sequencer/arp generator/master clock -_-) and it has come through more than 100%. I LOVE the mellowness of it. She fills in the gap that my EA1 was leaving for somewhat swoopy effects.

My aftertouch on her still works... sometimes, but.... I don't worry about it that much, considering I use a rinky-dink PC-200mkII for a controller (slider after-touch *speeewww*). The midi implementation is decent, considering the age of it. Decent amount of patch bay memory for the age (I got the cartridge with it). CHEAP! ^_^

Bad stuff I don't like about her: Not multi-timbral (I would love to have five of these lined up, each with a different setting.... with a prophecy controlling them with those knobs....) HEAVY; not as much as most, but then again I'm also used to fly-weight boxes that can fit in my bag. No int effects, spare chorus (I didn't expect any, but they're always a plus). Real-time modifications outside of one parameter is difficult....

Personal pref's: I dig it. The DCO's are fine. It's a personal thing, either you like it, or you don't. Definatly a great pad machine though.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Oct-29-1999 at 14:39
Vitamin Man a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I bought mine originally for the 'hoover' sound that it makes when the sawtooth wave is set to pwm...lovely! It's a pain to program from the panel, so I do it through my sequencer. If I'm not mistaken, DCO means Digitally Controlled Oscillator, which means that the oscillators are real analogue oscillators, but there is a small processor inside which prevents it from going out of tune (hence the word 'digital'). I also think that the filters are analogue. Some people think that it is toomuch of a pain to program; some people think that it isn't 'fat' enough...this is why I got mine for $150 in good condition. You may be able to do the same if you buy it off someone who is looking for a more versatile synth. I love mine and probably won't be selling it, unless I run out of space and need to get the MKS-50 rackmount version. A PG-300 programmer would be nice to have as well....

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Sunday-May-30-1999 at 19:05
Gossi a part-timer user from Iceland writes:
The juno2 is an alright analog synth, although the concept of the alpha dial sucks.. It is capable of great bass sounds if distorted, and you can produce fat and altogether great pads on it.. If you don't have the pg300 ( which I don't.. Anyone here from Iceland who want's to sell me one? or give? ) there are several programs available to configure the patches... Check out alot of useful info there and a list of programs to download.. The keyboard itself is ok excluding the infernal-nogood aftertouch.. Which you could say, really doesn't exist!

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-May-28-1999 at 18:23
Wesley a professional user from the Netherlands writes:
This one sounds phat! I love the noisy sounds that it produces! These are SUPA PHAT! Use this synth for: Hardcore, Drum 'n Bass, Hard-Trance & Goa-Trance.

The sounds are wonderfull but the controls stink! But the sounds that come out are a little more important I think... And if you really can't get used to manual searching, buy an PG-300...

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Mar-23-1999 at 15:01
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