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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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Paul a part-time user from London U.K writes:
The Jupiter 6 is my favourite synth ever, I use it with my MC505 and second fave synth the Sequential circuits sixtrak, which is a funky little synth to complement the Jupiters wonderful sound. There will never be another synth quite like this one, amazing

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Aug-19-2003 at 19:13
Mal a professional user writes:
When all's said and done, you're probably right. The Jp6 is the best polysynth ever. It has a great spec, is built to last, has midi, sounds great and looks lovely. The JX10 competes but doesn't look the part. Most other great polysynths slip up in some areas. The prophet is unreliable and has no midi spec. Ditto the Elka. The jp8 lacks midi and has a less versatile filter...I know, it's still great and has 2 extra voices...a big deal? The, why's that on the list? It's digital and crap. The prophet VS (also digital) would have been a better choice, surely?

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jun-28-2003 at 04:03
szetsch a part-time user from germany writes:
The Jupiter-6 is the best Polysynth ever made !!! I owend so much Poly-Synthies like Elka Synthex, Jupiter-8, PPG-Wave, Prophet-5 and so on. BUT THE JUPITER-6 BEAT THEM ALL !!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jun-27-2003 at 17:43
Nigel a part-time user from uk writes:
The first synth I truly fell in love with - In 83 I worked around the corner from a music shop - City Music in Truro - and they had one of these on display in the shop window - in fact, it was connected up to a 303 and a 707 I believe. Anyway, I used to stare at this thing for months on end, drooling over it and thinking how cool and futuristic it looked - it also cost a years wages in those days so was well beyond my dreams. 20 years later and finally I get my hands on one and I am not disappointed. The sound is awesome; beautiful pads and leads, ranging from subtle to searing - almost Wavestation-esque with it's moving tones. It's built fantastically and looks gorgeous - unlike the JP8 which might be more powerful but really is an ugly Fu*ker. If you see one and you can afford it, don't let it go !!! I waited 20 years for mine. It was worth the wait.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jan-23-2003 at 06:52
symbiotek a part-time user from Australia writes:
Just got my jupiter 6 yesterday [AU$950] and after noodling with a number of other analogue polys [prophet 5, elka synthex etc.] and a few of the latest and greatest VA`s i`ve come to realise just how good a buy the jup 6 is

It does [almost] anything I`m after from a subtractive synth

from sci-fi trance leads warm dark bass pads and some of the best FM effects i`ve heard

the key to this machine is subtlty else you`ll end up with that dry harsh edge

with light hands you can make the most cutting hi-pass patch as smooth as glass and punchy basses put my sh-2 in its place

There are things that the jup won`t do but for that there are other instruments

For a quater of the price of a NL3 and Still less than a Weedy Korg MS - 2000

a good condition jp6 with the Europa installed should make any one think twice about either of the above

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Sep-19-2002 at 04:16
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