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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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Peter Bennett a professional user from Germany writes:
The Jupiter 8 was one of those 'BIG' synths I saw on Top Of The Pops back in 81/82...I think it may have been Depeche Mode's 'See you' song.

This synth never ceases to amaze me, even with its limited modulation routings (By todays standards anyway) I keep on making really cool sounds! I just absolutely love this synth its so easy to use (All the controls are right there in front of you) and you can even store the settings!

This synth is VERY heavy (22 kgs) so make sure you stand can take the strain. Be sure to have a spair pair of this synth shreds hehe.

Ive never had any issues apart from the battery going and losing my patches (This was a real shame >> All you need to do is back them via midi)

When you play live or use the JP8 in your always sends shivers down the spine...this synth is without a doubt a classic. If you can buy one....get it as there are very few on the 2nd hand market now.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Dec-23-2002 at 12:45
The SynthWizard a hobbyist user from UK writes:
Ive been on a quest to own one of these for the past 4 years...they are sooooo hard to find now & when they do come up on adverts I always miss the opportunity as they litrally get sold within hours of the advert being published. However my patience has paid off and I saved my little pennies in a piggybank and I bought one in 'good condition' for £1399. Ive just recieved my JP8 through the post hehe.

It is the most user friendly + powerful sounding synth I have ever used. This really is creativity at your finger tips! It sounds VERY distinctive.....warm/fat yet with an incredibly crisp edge and for the kind of music I like making (Atmospheric soundtracks+SynthPop+Electronic) it is THE BEST!

Soundwise it compliments Sequential Circuits gear so well + it looks very sexy with my SCI Pro-One above it. Oh god im so happy...even when I have a bad day at work ..I dont care cos I've got my Jupiter 8 to bring back all those happy sounds from the 80's yeeeha!

I really dont see the point in people trying to compare synths to other synths...its a bit retorical and futile IMO. Every synth has good points and bad points. The 'Classic' poly synths, such as the JP8, SCI Prophet 5 (My next dream purchase!), Oberheim OBX-a, Elka synthex and Yamaha CS80 (Im my dreams!!!!!) all have good points that outweigh the negatives + they all sound AMAZING. Go check out the music of Jean- Michele-Jarre (He uses all of the best analogs)and you'll see what I mean! Its an incredibly rich sonic experience.

Personally, I think its more of an issue that modern musicians are being brainwashed with the concept of 'Virtual Analog'. What a shame it is for the new generation of music makers to be lumbered with this modern artificial intepretation of the anolog sound. I wouldnt complain if these new synths were being marketed as digital synths...but as soon as you start calling them VA's I get annoyed. Im afraid that VA's are not capable of sounding analog in the truest sense. Dont get me wrong...I think theyre capable of lovely interesting sounds in their own right and definitely have a significant role to play, but....

I do think modern pop/electronic/dance/trance music would benefit more if more analog synths were used and less midi were used!!

Just to conclude....the JUPITER 8 is a fantastic sounding, beutiful looking anolog poly. The pride of owning one of these is unmatched. If you are lucky enough like me to get one of these...then you will be joining a very exclusive club.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Dec-01-2002 at 03:32
Kev a professional user from Preston, UK writes:
The Jupiter and SuperJX are equals in most respects. Both are versatile, powerful, fat and beautiful. I don't think the JX blows the jup out of the water. The jup makes some outstanding, warm and thick sounds and is wonderful to program. The JX is the best value synth in the world and is amusingly over looked and undervalued. Stems from some nonsense about the midi (who bloody cares). Both are great synths, possibly above all others, and are highly professional in sound and versatility. The Jupiter 6 is also a belter...great fun and wonderful sounding. £ great synths which are easy to live with.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Oct-28-2002 at 15:32
Talvan S. a professional user from USA writes:
My favorite. Paid $2500 for one that seemed to be transported directly from 1981 to my door. I have a bunch of analog synths, including some small modulars, but I keep coming back to this one... Weird enigmatic sounds just sort of come out of it without me even trying, very inspiring.

I plan on being buried with it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Oct-27-2002 at 01:50
Kolja Beckmann a part-time user from Bremen, Germany writes:
I just love mine. This app. 18.5 kG synth can do a lot of sounds never heared from any VA - though that does not mean it can do all the sounds a modern VA can do. I got mine in top condition. The sound is different to a Mini - but hey - this is a Poly and this does mean a lot less musical restriction compared to a mono synth:-) And the best is, it can store up to 64 sounds in its memory, which again could be saved to tape. It´s built like solid rock, all the knobs on my Jupiter 8 feel like new, though my little monster should be about 20 years old. In my ears the J.8 sounds much more "direct" and "clear" than any VA. "clear" does not mean "cold" - it just a "directnis" in its sound I did not experience with a VA yet. The filters sound completly different to any VA and in my ears they really sound unique. Often when I use it, I find myself remembered to the sound of eighties, it can do a lot of these "terminator"-mood sounds. But it can do "modern" sounds too. But it has a tendency to sound like a J8, so that means it is limited on the one hand compared to VAs, but on the other this results in its unique Sound. Nontheless it has a large variety of Sounds as You would expect a "pro" synth should have. I´ll guess alternatives are limited. This would just be the P5 that is know for it´s unreliabilty or perhaps a memory-moog, which is damned expensive, unreliable as well and is even harder to find than a J.8. New analog alternatives are Jomox Sunsyn or Andromeda .

This machine is not for a kid to play. This one is for musicians or those how simply love it. Newbies might be better of with a Juno or a VA and should leave these machines to those who love and use(!) them.

I guess I will not sell mine unless I am forced to. And so I will have to pray that there will be a lot time left, until the internal electronics of my j.8 are heading towards to the limits of their natural lifetime....

If You have some nice sounds for the Jupiter 8 - or are just like me a J.8-enthusiast, You may like to send me an E-Mail.

Peace, Kolja Beckmann

BTW: Someone exchanged the internal battery of the Jupiter him/herself succesfully or has the service-notes ? Please Mail me.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Sep-01-2002 at 15:14
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