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Average rating: 4.8 out of 5
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MJ ELSTON a hobbyist user from England writes:
The SH09 was the first synth I owned in 1984 aged 15.I loved it.However musical taste moved onto The Smiths and such like.The little Roland was duly sold.It is now 1999 and I own a JUNO 106 and a Korg MS 10,which are both cool.What I would like to know is would it be worth buying another SH09 as a different sound source or would it be pure nostlgia?Help!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Mar-27-1999 at 07:44
Jesper Ödemark a hobbyist user from SWEDEN writes:
I want to add a few things about this killer. It was my first analogue equipment as a supporter to my FZ1 sampler. I loved it from the beginning and after getting my hands on a copied manual it got even funnier. The ext port can be used together with a microphone and that way you can control the volume of the sound with your voice! TRY IT FOR GODS SAKE!!! I don't know how friendly Roland are around the world but if you contact them in Copenhagen, Denmark (where the office for the nordic countries is situated) they supply copies of old out of stock manuals and you only pay copycost and shipping. This means getting your hands on manuals at circa 10-20 §. It's worth it!!! The only sad thing is that the sh-09 can't produce earth-shaking sinus waves...

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-Mar-22-1999 at 07:36
jeff a hobbyist user from usa writes:
I have this and a SH-101, and although it may seem to be a bit of overkill, I get a lot of use out of both of them. Personally, if you see one I'd recommend it, especially if it's your first analog synth. It's easy to use, the envelope follower and audio input are extra cool, and it's really a tough unit. I dropped mine from the top tier of a 3 tier keyboard stand on accident, and it landed on top of an amp I had on the floor, putting a nice dent in the metal amp casing. The SH-09 didn't even have a scratch and worked just fine and continues to be 100% functional although the keys are a bit yellow now cause it's so old. All around a great piece, get one while you can.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Dec-14-1998 at 12:57
Leviathant a hobbyist user from Shrewsbury, PA, USA writes:
Well, I just picked up an SH-09 for $50 from a very kind fellow who lives nearby. I must say, I though that I had it made as far as analogue sounds were concerned, contented with just my Kawai K3... Well now I'm ready to sell the beast and pick me up some more REAL analogue :) That sub-osc really gives you a lot to work with... Well a lot more than I expected from a "one osc. synth". I like running mine through my MXR Distortion II for some round saturated heavy bass sounds... That external filter is so damn cool though, I haven't even begun to work with it yet, so far I've only run my DR-110 and DR-660 through it (Envelope follow is such a nice feature I Tell ya). And I also set up my DR-110 to trigger the SH09 (Which I set up to make a big ol' analogue bass drum - I.E. High res no cut off, a little bit of envelope, no attack, a little decay/release, and trigger away) which was pretty neat as I hadn't really run anything in sync with the 110, and seeing as the worst part about that boxes sounds is the bass drum, it wasn't sounding too shabby :) And a rugged beastie it is too! The one I bought had the plastic around the Pitch/Filter bend smashed inward, and it took a hell of a lot of effort to put it back (after taking it apart for better leverage) but now that it's pushed back in, i dont think it'll ever budge from it's spot again, you can hardly tell it was broken! The more important areas (where all the other sliders are) are all metal, though the sides are also plastic. Another bonus - The service manual is available online in PDF format... I don't know the exact address, all I can say is search the Analogue Heaven mailing list archives at :) I wonder if that LFO speed is easily modified... Wonderful synth for the beginner (read: ME!) though I'm sure it'd bore the hell out of someone who can afford something like a 4-voice or a minimoog. Sure suits me though. All I need now is a nice MIDI=>CV converter and I'm in monosynth heaven :) (Tip: If you still can, get that $99 wedge and run this pup through it, the possibilities are endless)

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Aug-25-1998 at 23:55
Alex Baumann a hobbyist user from New Hope (the gay town) writes:
Great, very complex considering its few functions and low price. Very close the the sh-101, but this thing is solid as a rock in most areas, and is missing a few things (like sequencer/arpegiator [which would be nice]) but gains a few too. if you find one for less then or comparable to an sh-101's price these days, get it. i got mine for $200 since there was a problem with the oscillator, (which cost me all of 60 cents to fix), and i could not have gotten a better piece for the money. The price is rising now, so find one soon. ---Pros--- 1. External Audio in: great for processing audio, and with the envelope follower, you can change the cutoff freq or pitch (if the filter is self oscillating). try this: run talk radio through it and put on the envelope follower, and play with the filter processing it until you get the wa wa wa wa wa sounds that the adults on the charlie brown tv specials made. or run drum loops through. 2. Envelope inverter for filter: great for "buuueuew" sounds. 3. Random LFO wave: for R2D2 sounds or for random filter cutoff changes. 4. PWM under ENV control: if selected this allows you to have env controlled chorus sounds for real thick bass. 5. Bender: much better than mod wheels which i find hard to control. 6. Amazing sounds: from great distorted TB303 sounds (if run through distortion pedal) to atari type sounds, and whooshes, sweeps, acid, noise, charlie brown character voices and back. ---Cons--- 1. LFO speed: needs to have the ability to have a wider range so it can sweep slower (too fast for me at lowest speed) or faster for ring mod type sounds 2. No env for pitch: damn 3. One oscillator: damn again

Cons are nothing compared to Pros, a great piece! buy it before they got as popular as the 101's. I am starting a web page at that will have patches, tips, samples, pictures, etc. Heres a patch for now: turn the oscillator at 4'Pulse, env PWM at full depth, sub osc at 1 oct, vco and sub volume at max, res at 10, env for filter, depth 0, mod 0, ENV for vca, play with env. the for cutoff, make it fairly high, and slowly move it to around the pitch of the VCO until a ringing screeming sound is heard, with no attack, and short decay you can now make bell type sounds, or cool basses.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-06-1998 at 00:09
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