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Average rating: 3.6 out of 5
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G a professional user from US writes:
This unit is garbage.

Roland has wonderful soundsets, but their menus are very cryptic, buttons very plasticky, and overall enjoyment level is 0.

Buy EMU samplers, and timestretch/pitchshift manually. It is much more gratifying, and the end results are clean and professional.

To hell with that Akai stuff also.

An e6400 Ultra with the 16-output upgrade and 128MB of RAM is all you'll ever need. It is awesome.

posted Saturday-Jul-29-2000 at 08:39
Alex Karras a part-time user from Studio City writes:
Well , at least you got a free screwdriver. You will probably find more use for that than the VP-9000.

One thing about the VP is that it is very similar to programming a DX-7. So many damn menu screens and sub screens! Plus the buttons are so small that it makes navigation extremely annoying. Always getting in the wrong menu , backing out, going into another wrong menu, backing out, taking a 5 minute break to plot my next menu route, resuming navigation only to realize I have been on the correct menu the whole time. UGGH!

This will not go over too well. I also dont like the knobs that Roland is currently using on all their stuff. Cheap fluorescent orange things. I didnt pay $2700 for a plastic ,inferior, souped-up SP-202.

At least I know now that I will never ever ever buy another Roland product again.

I would rather have a Ronco Food Dehydrater or a Fukuoko 2000 than something that is overpriced and cant even do the intended job.

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jul-27-2000 at 12:56
William Kohorowitz a professional user from USA writes:
JESUS KAVELTA!! I cannot belive that i bought this THING!! When it froze up, and made a high pitched tone and it drove my dog nuts! I though maby an OS uprade whould do the trick, but nope. When i opened the damn thing up, i found a SCREWDRIVER inside!!!! (i guess they wanted a reasonable excuse as to why this thing is so unstabel and its a real peice of junk.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jul-27-2000 at 00:37
Jason Wolfe from Wyneme Bay, usa writes:
LOL The only thing elastic here is the strap that is holding your underwear firmly on your head.

The fact of the matter is that the VP9000 does have some major bugs much similar to the AKAI we all know about.

Even in the manual Roland has a disclaimer that due to the inherent nature of the software (TRS-80) crashes may occur . If someone has a copy of the manual handy please feel free to post that ridiculous line.

They are fully aware that machine was rushed much in the way the Sega Saturn was and was assembled with off-the-shelf parts.

In addition , it doesnt take quite that long to encode a sample but Roland does make another statement in the manual that the encoding may take quite a while and in some cases not possible at all as you are told in the manual again that in rare cases encoding may freeze up the machine and you are instructed to turn it off and re-boot.

Also , be advised that to get a perfect encode takes alot of time, especially over 3 bars. I worked from 2pm to about 4:30 today just to get 1 single loop to fit the precise tempo. That is ridiculous , plus the end results don't really impress me anyways. That m the with out and

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jul-26-2000 at 20:08
kreg a professional user from USA writes:
I just returned my unit back to where I got it from. If you were looking to get a more stable, hardware version of ACID and RECYCLE like I was , FORGET IT! This unit must be made from old PC parts and a Windows OS because in my 37 days of testing it crashed more than Evel Kinevel. The worst part was that it crashed right after I spent over 1 hour trying to repair some sync problems with a wave. TOTALLY RUINED. My studio guys are convinced that the VP stands for Virus Prone . There really are a lot of bugs . Very disapointing Roland.

The first thing I noticed in the Virus Prone 9000 is the shoddy construction. The same plastic knobs found on the piece of junk SP-202 can also be found on the VP. For 3000 dollars you get lots and lots of plastic as the front panel is also made from the same material.

As far as syncing goes.....FORGET IT. You cannot sync a sample properly that is longer than 5 seconds otherwise drifting will occur. The encoding process is alos a lenghty one. About 25 minutes per 3 second sample. And then you have to re-encode if it contains sync problems! It could theoretically take weeks for you to get 2 samples to sync properly .

The VirusProne-9000 is a major Roland blunder. I am suprised that this thing doesnt take punch cards from an old IBM System/25.

Built on old computer chips , ancient technology and recycled SP-202 knobs the VP-9000 cannot be reccommended as a good choice for the year 2000.

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jul-26-2000 at 02:26
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