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Christopher Jeris a hobbyist user from USA writes:
MOTM took a while to get off the ground, but now that Paul and company are starting to pop out the basic modules of a real analogue synth, those of us who didn't own modulars before can get in on the fun too. The MOTM modules are built like tanks and sound just as good (this is a compliment). We've all been running our white noise generators into everything to get our MOTM fix for so long, I don't know what we're going to do when the VCOs arrive. :)

Paul provides an EXTREMELY high level of support to his customers, particularly to loyal subscribers (hint hint). Once I was having trouble figuring out why my MOTM-110 VCA made a clicky noise when I turned the gain knob past a certain point, and Paul called me back within 45 minutes of my email. (The answer: It's not a bug, it's a feature: unlike most VCA modules, the 110's gain knob runs from 0 through unity to 1.2, and clipping the pure tone I was running through it produced a clicky fuzz as I turned the knob through unity.)

The MOTM modules are stuffed full of little additional features that aren't present on most modular systems, like the 100's VIBRATO out, switchable AC/DC on the 110, the bizarre CROSS mode of the 120... not only that, but if you don't understand why a feature is designed the way it is, just ask on the email list, and you will find enlightenment. (For instance, the basic 800 envelope generator is set up so that with most gate sources it acts as an ASR rather than ADSR envelope; this allows it to be a more flexible unit when you hook a gate and trigger from the same source into it. If you would rather have the "ordinary" behavior, you can get it by adding a single wire.)

A modular synth is a big investment no matter how you approach it; even a basic Doepfer system runs over $1500. Only PAiA will probably weigh in under a grand for a simple two-oscillator, two- filter setup. But point for point there is NO comparison between MOTM and PAiA/Doepfer systems. If you build the modules yourself (besides the learning value of doing so), you also beat the prices of Modcan and Technosaurus by a fair margin. As for Serge ... well, if you gotta have a Serge, you gotta have a Serge. The rest of us will spend $2000 instead of $8000 and be happy with our beautiful black MOTM systems.

Summary: Paul and company are trying very hard to match or beat every feature of every modular out there, and add lots of distinctive features of their own. So far they are doing a great job for comparatively little money.

(If I sound like a happy customer, it's because I am. And since Synthesis Technology is not a big, stupid, evil corporation, but just a few nice people doing a very good job at what they do, I wouldn't mind at all if I got a few more people hooked on MOTM. I did mention it's addictive, right? You see, you get these points...)

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Apr-01-1999 at 15:31
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