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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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i still have mine. I like it. Nothing is the same like it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jul-23-2001 at 22:24
giovanni alexi a hobbyist user from jacksonville florida USA writes:
The keyboard on the KX88 is a rotary oil damper action like roland's A80.The S80 uses the newer AE hammer action like on the clavinova cvp75 or later.The PF80 digital piano and PF15 electric piano both use the same action as the KX88.I just played the clavinova CVP5 that uses the 76 note version of the KX/PF action and it was too sluggish and not fast to my trills and chops.the fatar and even the roland keyboard actions are better.The yamahas used and still use(on 76 note synths)the metal switches of the DX7 and the rolands and FATARs use rubber switches under the keys and thus are more responsive and bouncyer for fast piano playing.Sorry,I loved the PF80 for sentimental reasons but after recently playing that action again as an adult after 10 years of not playing it,it was too sluggish and sometimes unresponsive unless I HIT the key hard to get it to sound(dirty metal switch contacts I suppose,not so common with S80 piano type actions!)Overall,the KX88 is okay for playing but without poly aftertouch and sluggish action,I don't recommend it unless it is real cheap or free

posted Thursday-Apr-12-2001 at 21:18
Midi from USA writes:
Did u know the KX88 uses the same keyboard as the PF15 Digital piano? I have one withe the Forte Midi-Mod and the feel is still like a real piano, had it done in 1986 & dont want to sell it but i use a Roland A90ex cause i'm a MIDI freak....

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Sunday-Mar-25-2001 at 05:08
Lior Z a professional user from usa writes:
Do you know the say : "They don't make'm like this no more..." Well, in this case it is true. If you cant play piano than use the KX-88 as the front of your tank. It is heavy and powerful. The keys feel as close as to a real piano - as i ever seen and felt. The KX-88 take some time ( if you don't have the manual ready) to program, but to use it is just great. if you are sequencing with it, make sure you raise the level on your recording track as the KX-888 don't really go to 127. I used many master keyboard and I still love my P-150 feel but all and all the KX-88 is just the best out there ever.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Dec-18-2000 at 01:04
I didn't say it had semi weighted keys like a DX7, but it isn't a piano keyboard. it's plastic keys with weights under the front of the key. I've seen the guts of both the KX88 and the S80 and the design is the same in both. but the bottom line is there is no point in buying a KX88 this day in age unless you can get one dirt cheap, or free would be more reasonable.

posted Tuesday-Dec-05-2000 at 18:34
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