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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Vlad the impaler writes:
Okay,Davids post has convinced me, I renig my vote of 3 and give it a 5. When I gave the rm1x a 3 I was cranky, I had been drinking, it was late. Of course it could also be a 4 now that I think about it. Definately not a one or a two however.

I generally compose melodic parts writing them out on the good old manuscript paper. Then I use pattern mode to write different rhythms, and I arrange those rhythms in pattern chain, port them over to song mode, then add the melodic parts abnd further tweak the rhythm parts to be more fluid. Anyways this is a fine sequencer.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jan-04-2002 at 09:07
David G. a hobbyist user from Italy writes:
The rm1x: i dont like the smells, the buttons are too black, and the display is too digital…. This machine has some serious sequencing power. I never tried the mpcs, but this one can do whatever i ask it to do. Did not use my computer for sequencing since i bought it. Its easy to use, after u get into it, Yamaha seem to invent their very own os organisation for their instruments, its the same on my a3000. Never had any timing probs, even using lots of tracks at 170 bpm. Midi fx are cool. The song mode really rocks!!!!! Use the song mode!!!! forget patterns!!!! (and read the manual). To the 505 comparisons: i used to own a jx305 (the keyboard version of the mc505), which i learnt to use thoroughly before selling it to get th rm1x. You know what? i've never regretted selling it....from the sequencing point of view the 305/505s suck a lot, pattern based sequencing sucks a lot, the way its organized on the rolands sucks big time. You have to chain together ur patterns to make a song, you cant make a long filter sweep, anything which exceeds the pattern's lengt u cant put into the song, even if there is an obscure hint for this in the manual (yes u can make longer patterns or paste them together but on the 305 this was slow & painful). For so called self-contained boxes these are serious limits, i ended up hooking the 305 to my pc if i needed sequencing.... and i wanted a portable synth. But: the sounds were better quality on the 305. I like the rmx sounds more than the ones on the roland, they sound fresher, but they are better quality on the 305/505. maybe bacause of the very high compression rate on the rm1x (rm1x=4mb 305=24mb for the same number of sounds). The drum sounds on the 305 were very good though, and you can make your own drumkits which is impossible on the rm1x, as are missing the deep patch editing possibilities present on the 305. In the end i use sounds from my VA or from my analogue gear anyway, they ALWAYS sound better than the ones on sample-playback synths. Even sounds i download from the web and feed my sampler with, sound better than both the 305 and the rm1x. Which one should you buy? Try them both, i guess that the choice is a matter of taste and of what you need. Dont trust yammie bashers or roland bashers, ask yourself what you really need. I whish some more chuka-chuka jungle breaks were included on the rm1x (hey even the amen snare is there!!!!!!). u can definitely make high speed drum'n'bass on the rm1x, no timing probs whatsoever, just hook it to a sampler and dont use the internal sounds too much (bass, some drums and noises are ok though). The unit seems sturdy enough to me, it never fell on my feet (or on my head), and i wouldnt try that anyway, the little keys feel a bit unstable though. A very good point for the rm1x is that you can store everything on floppies, even as midi files which can be imported into or exported from your software sequencer. A godsend for playing live, even if you make songs on the pc. Another cool thing is that you NEVER have to save anything, whatever changes you make to your voice/pattern/song are stored automatically, you just switch it off and on and everything is there!!! A very nice product, i should give it a 4 because im not really satisfied with the sounds but ill give it a 5 because i really enjoy using it everyday since i bought it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jan-04-2002 at 06:48
Det0nator a hobbyist user writes:
Ive recently bought a Korg Triton Rack. Ive got a Cs1x and the rm1x and cubase vst 5.1. Im really enjoying the use of the rm1x as a loop sequencer. triggering synths is pretty easy. as per the sounds ive found that it has more niche sounds but ive found them usefull for adding to the triton. it would have been nice to have 4 outs on the device otherwise its still workable. Im using the triton and cs1x as an extra sound source. whats nice is recording the audio into cubase and using vst filters and effects to mess up the sounds even more. as per what The Devil commented i think he hit the spot right about it giving you waveforms to work with. I think what it lacks is filters and effects but thats where you can add an external effects or filter box to get more or use a computer. Price wise too i think these things give alot for a "groovebox"

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jan-03-2002 at 05:02
Koen a hobbyist user from Antwerp ( Belgium ) writes:
After a day a allready wanted to turn it back to the store because i couldn't get a heavy bass out of it ... but 6 hours later i came to another conclusion !

This box rulez ! The tweaking and filtering of the sounds makes this machine sound really good ! I love it !

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jan-02-2002 at 15:47
Vlad the impailer a professional user from Inside the backside of your mother hubbard writes:
Well, lets get this sorted out!. When you want to record there are different ways to do that. On the rm1x these are replace,overdub,punch in,step,and grid step. When recording in all but one of those modes, that being grid step, you can hear whatever tracks are not muted. Grid step is yamahaz's equivilant of roland xox style programming, only the implementation is quite weak. I myself always end up using step mode wich represents the steps on the lcd screen, and you can scroll down entering the notes. The way this machine is set up I find that better for my needs, and it works perfectly. You can also of course use overdub, replace, and punch to simply record whatever you play in real time just as well as anything else. It only has 1 set of midi i./o however, so I guess if you wanted to hook up a bunch of synths you'd want a midi merge box so you dont have to chain them all together. It only has 16 tracks, so your not gonna be doing any orchestral scores on it, of course.

For structuring your tracks there are 3 main recording modes pattern, pattern chain. and song mode. With pattern mode, you get 16 patterns of loops, you specify the length of a loop and fill it with some noise. Then you can mess with arranging these loops., mute, unmite tracks messing around or whatever. Wich leads one to pattern chain mode, wich allows you to arrange the loop patterns in a fixed sequence and bring that over to song mode. Song mode being your %100 linear recording mode. I find for fucking around pattern mode is productive since by specifcying loop sections l;engths I end up leading my experiments into set segments. where as if I dont have music already composed and arranmged just flipping on song mode and recording leads to a big mess arrangement wise... and I digresss....

The tone module is rather limited. The "real" instrument waves are weak as hell. But there are a few gems in the synth wave banks I must admit. The 8 knobs make it fairly simple to adjust whatever sound you make, though the synth engine is quite primitive, this is no nord modular, or emu xl-7 in that department.

For further chipping away, redoing, and perfecting of what you do there are the jobs and edit functions. If your curious as to what the sequencer can do scroll down the jobs window and have a looksee. The effects are rather cheesy, but Ive grown to appreciate the cheese. While this may have the absolute worst saxophone sample ever, combined with the amp simulator effect you can get some strange acid sounds he he he... Beyond fucking up the sounds with effects, filters etc, or messing with the pitch of drum samples I find the synth engine uninspiring. The rs7000 I would think is a big improvement since you can messs up YOUR samples with a twist of all those knobs, but again I digress...

This makes a very good "my first kit", and a decent addition to a more experienced producers arsenal. If you already have a sampler and a few synths get this for sure! But maybe if you dont have all that a more economical use of resources would be to save up a little more and get an rs7000 or even a motifr or ex5 so your not stuck with those cheesy rom sounds.

Understand I give this a 3 only because its been outdone by the rs7000, and xl-7. I guess it could just as easily be a 4 or 5, scores are dumb.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jan-01-2002 at 07:16
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