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Average rating: 4.0 out of 5
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.muk! a professional user from sweden writes:
Yup.. just press system/midi turn the wheel once clockwise to "channels".. there you can choose whatever midichannel you want to use....

Hope this helps....


Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Nov-10-2000 at 19:55
Filip a professional user writes:
Guys, is it possible to address samples uploaded to SU700 to 16 MIDI channels ? (to use is as classic sampler) thanx.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Monday-Nov-06-2000 at 10:16
How do I find out which OS my SU700 has? What is the latest version that fixed the freeze/lockup up bug? If mine is not latest how do I obtain it? I am in UK. thanks for your time.

posted Sunday-Oct-01-2000 at 19:47
Alex a professional user from USA writes:
Okay, I have to amend my earlier criticism of the SU700 and this is my final amandement I swear. I should clarify my last post by saying it was inspired by a moment of sheer frustration. I have nothing to complain about with Yamaha support, who went the extra mile and sent me a brand new replacement. When they sent me the new one, I didn't open it for a while, and considered selling it to buy a Emu Ultra rackmount sampler. In the end I decided to keep the SU700. Here are the reasons why:

1: It's a great live instrument with excellent real time control, with dedicated control knobs for ten tracks at a time and a ribbon controller (the filters sound especially cool using both at once).

2: I cannot live without the onboard effects. There are some very cool effects that you won't find anywhere else (except possibly the A5000). I would pay for them as a stand-alone processor.

3: The sequencer is very easy to use but is surprisingly fully featured.

4: The display is simple and easy to read even in pitch-darkness.

5: I've had great results with it so far (check my mp3s at the SU700 is the basis for most of the tracks).

Now for the main drawback: it's not the smoothest machine. It's only crashed on me twice, but trust me it will crash, probably the one time you forget to backup. My SU also has difficulty communicating with it's Zip drive. Sometimes I have to restart the machine up to five or six times to get it to access the Zip. The guys at Yamaha don't seem to have a solution for this.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jun-21-2000 at 20:44
miky a professional user from romania writes:
ok. i must say su700 changed the way i did music. before buying the su700 i had a roland w-30,a roland s-760,a roland jv-1080,a deep bass nine. i was sequencing in the w-30's sequencer only. now with the su700 onboard i'm thinking very serious to sell my s-760 because it's become useless. su700 is a not a difficult unit to work with but i think the main reason some people don't like su700 or are selling it only after 2 months of use is that they don't understand the main concept behind's a pity because i think is the best bit of kit i ever bought. last but not least su700 with the 3 independent efx is bringing back the money in my pocket :-) because i don't have to buy other standalone units.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-May-24-2000 at 05:57
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