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  MESSE11: Arturia Spark Demo
  Hybrid Drum machine

No flash plug

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8:40 mins

  Sonic LAB: Arturia The Player 25
  Low cost Analog Experience

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6:48 mins

  WNAMM10: New Stuff For The Arturia Origin
  Firmware Update & 61 Note Keyboard

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2:30 mins

  WNAMM09 Arturia Mini Moog 2 Demo

   Windows Media 
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6:29 mins

  WNAMM09: Arturia Brass Demo
  Video Demonstration Of All The Features

   Windows Media 
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4:2 mins

FEATURE:  SonicLAB: Arturia Origin DSP Modular
Prepare to get lost in Modular Time
Arturia Origin Synthesizer 10:38 mins
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  WNAMM08: Arturia Origin Keyboard Demonstrated
  Here at last and in action in our vid...

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3:37 mins

  AESNYC07: Arturia Origin – Latest
  Next year for release of hardware synth

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7:30 mins

  AESNYC07: Arturia Mini Controller for Analog Factory
  Analog Factory Experience made by CME

   Windows Media 
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3:25 mins

FEATURE:  Soniclab: Arturia JP8V - back to the future
The Beast returns - and this time it don't need no flight case.
Soniclab: Arturia JP8V 8:43 mins
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