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Sonic State Latest Media
  Volca Vibes: Power Options And Mixers - Watch and Win
  myVolts Korg Volca power solution, star splitters and mixers

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10:6 mins    

  Meet The Makers: Ken MacBeth
  Scottish synth maker tells us how he got into all this

   QuickTime (MP4)  | iOS MP4
14:24 mins

  Volca Vibes: Retrokits - For Volca Sample - Watch + Win
  Volca Sample active MIDI cable changes everything

   QuickTime (MP4)  | iOS MP4
13:59 mins

  Meet The Makers: Urs Heckmann of U-He
  The journey and the theory

 | Flash Video
20:51 mins

  Preview - Moog Model 15 Full Emulation for iOS
  How real can it get?

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 | Flash Video
19:39 mins

  Superbooth 2016: Nick Hook And Gareth Jones - Spiritual Friendship New Album
  We talk to them on the eve of their first performance

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13:40 mins

  Sonic LAB: Korg Volca FM - DX in a Box
  New member of the portable production team

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18:51 mins

  MESSE 2016: Roland Pro Show V-1HD HDMI Mixer
  Affordable Live Camera Switching

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 | Flash Video
2:29 mins

  MESSE 2016: HEDD Audio New Monitor Range
  With Digital Interface Plug-in Modules

   QuickTime (MP4)  | iOS MP4
3:35 mins

  MESSE 2016: Empirical Labs DocDerr EQ Is Great For Guitars
  If you dig clean guitar sounds, try this

   QuickTime (MP4)  | iOS MP4
6:23 mins

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