WNAMM12: Awesome New Amps From 65Amps

We spoke to mastermind Dan Boul   20-Jan-12

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Dan Boul from 65Amps showed us the Producer and the Ventura; two incredible new amps from Dan and Peter.

Both amps sound sublime. That's the bottom-line really, you'll be hard pushed to find a pair of guys as dedicated to the cause as Dan Boul and Peter Stroud.

When I spoke to Dan he talked about his days in London, and other than having difficulty navigating roundabouts in his truck, he also learned a hell of a lot about amplification in the English capital.

You can really hear the British tube legacy in both of these new amps, but it's easy to get into the realm of modern American sounds too.

Listen to the video for yourself. You'll realise how loud the amps were cranked when you hear how quiet Dan's voice is in comparison (and he was talking loud)!


Rich Beech



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