Eric Clapton Isolated Guitar Track 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps'

Hear Clapton's solo in solo   08-Feb-12

This was uploaded to YouTube last year, but has so far completely passed me by. It's Eric Clapton's isolated guitar track from George Harrison's 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps', and it is absolutely astounding.

Of course it isn't just Eric, it sounds like some Clapton overdubs and some rhythm parts from John Lennon, but I wasn't present at that particular recording session so it's hard to be sure!

The rhythm tone certainly doesn't sound much like a strat, so it may have been Clapton on Les Paul, or John on the Epiphone Casino.

Either way, it's beautiful, and very inspiring for any guitarist to hear. I wouldn't usually post a year-old video as a news item, but the video needs to be heard by more people than the 9000 who have currently viewed it on YouTube.

The uploader has also, either by pure chance or on purpose, uploaded the video to YouTube on February 25th. Beatles buffs will know that this was George Harrison's birthday, so that feels like as good a reason as any.

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Rich Beech



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I'd be surprised if Lennon is on this track --- just my opine.

08-Feb-12 08:21 PM

Paul    Said...

To the best of my knowledge Lennon didn't play on the track at all.

09-Feb-12 02:02 AM

Amped Editor    Said...

Yeah I thought that as well, but it just doesn't sound like the same guitar to me all the way through. That could well be a production thing though, and I'm sure that George only played acoustic on this, so the only other option would Lennon.

It was just a thought, and I'd love to find out for sure if there is anybody in the know about this!

Thanks for the comments guys,


09-Feb-12 07:41 AM

Dre    Said...

Hey guys! Check out Joe Bonamassa's NEW DVD @ the Beacon LIVE with Paul Rodgers!!

10-Feb-12 04:45 PM

Big Poppa    Said...

At the time of this recording, Clapton was still relying mainly on Gibsons, and hadn't adopted the Strat as his go-to guitar. In fact, it was recorded before Cream had disbanded. Several accounts have him playing a Les Paul on this recording.

13-Feb-12 01:50 PM

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