Jeff Beck Undergoes 'Emergency Medical Attention' And Cancels Tour

The rock veteran made the announcement after turning 70 this week   26-Jun-14

Jeff Beck Undergoes 'Emergency Medical Attention' And Cancels Tour
Photo by Mandy Hall

Legendary guitarist Jeff Beck is in hospital undergoing a 'short procedure' after announcing the cancellation of European dates on his worldwide tour.

Jeff Beck's work as a guitairst has spanned five decades and influenced the likes of Brian May, Eddie Van Halen and Steve Vai.

The rock veteran turned 70-years-old this week, and has sent his 'profound apologies' to fans for cancelling the European leg of his tour.

"It is with the greatest regret that Jeff Beck has been forced to cancel the forthcoming European dates of his worldwide tour, set to begin in Austria on 27 June," read a statement.

"Following many months of international touring and after seeking emergency medical attention, Jeff will now undertake a short hospital procedure and his doctors have instructed a complete break from performance for a total of six weeks. Following the treatment, Jeff will fulfil his US tour commitments beginning in Missoula MT on 8th August.

"He sends his profound apologies to those fans who had bought tickets for the European concerts and very much looks forward to playing for his American audiences after he has completed his treatment."

Jeff Beck is best known for his intense whammy bar action on his white signature Fender Stratocaster, and his vocal, vowel-like guitar phrasing.

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clf    Said...

Amazing! ;-)

26-Jun-14 12:02 PM

Vinny M    Said...

Get Well Jeff. Looking forward to seeing you in West Palm Beach in September

26-Jun-14 03:04 PM

Phil    Said...

Get Slammin' Well Jeff! We're all cheering you on!

26-Jun-14 03:06 PM

Charlie Croce from NYC    Said...

Hoping that you have a speedy recovery. Been a fan of yours since the 70s. Influenced me for over 40 years. May God be with you during the procedure.

26-Jun-14 03:50 PM

Rebecca9    Said...

Get Well Soon Jeff ! Looking forward to seeing you in MI in August...

26-Jun-14 03:56 PM

19128    Said...

get well soon you are one of the best

26-Jun-14 05:06 PM

Carolyn    Said...

You are the best ! <3 x

26-Jun-14 05:27 PM

gregtar    Said...

Jeff; you are in my prayers. I pray for a speedy recovery. You are definitely the best and the fans and I are in better places from your music. The world is in a better place with your music.

26-Jun-14 06:48 PM

gregtar    Said...

You are in my prayers, Jeff. You are definitely the best. I've always known that.

26-Jun-14 06:50 PM

gregtar    Said...

I hope you get well soon, Jeff. You are in my prayers.

26-Jun-14 06:51 PM

Sonny H    Said...

Your are blessed Jeff, healing will come. We're all here sending best wishes to you and necessary prayers

26-Jun-14 06:53 PM


Wishing you a very speedy recovery Jeff ...Christine (Tampa Florida ) X - Peneneden heath Maidtone Kent (Grafty Green ) We met up again after your concert In Tampa with your other friends Chris & Jen Gibb... any way hope you are back to your old self soon xxxx

26-Jun-14 08:26 PM

eduardo    Said...

get from all your fans in argentina.

26-Jun-14 08:40 PM

Rene' Moet    Said...

Prayers and safe reguards go out to one of the best "Jeff Beck" get well soon my brother,you will always rock!!!

26-Jun-14 09:02 PM

dianebarton    Said...

Jeff beck you are the best guituarist my prayers,are with you,hope you get better very are a a music genius.

26-Jun-14 09:51 PM

D-Anne    Said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery. Looking forward to seeing you again in the near future.

27-Jun-14 12:40 AM

Carol Lynn    Said...

My favorite guitarist in the universe. There's nothing he can't do. Get well. 6 weeks rest is what you need to get back to it? It will go fast, just do what you have to do. You are loved.

27-Jun-14 01:53 AM

John250    Said...

Get well soon Jeff.We're all rooting for you.Great gig in Bristol UK

27-Jun-14 03:51 AM

John250    Said...

Get well soon Jeff.We're all rooting for you.Great gig in Bristol UK

27-Jun-14 03:51 AM

John250    Said...

Get well soon Jeff. We're all rooting for you. Great gig in Britol UK

27-Jun-14 03:57 AM

Gail Ann Walden    Said...

My friend Philip shared this with me & although I never played his CD I certainly will dig it out! I am now hoping to meet him in WPB in September with Julie & see Jeff for my 1st time. Love to you PW & JD for all your help! I will be in Macon for July & back in Atlanta in August! God-Speed your recovery Philip & JD I love your lifes outlook tremendously! God-Speed your recovery too Jeff & I pray you can play in September! Loved this song! GAW

27-Jun-14 07:10 AM

Strings2wood    Said...

Godspeed to The Guvnor.

27-Jun-14 08:45 AM

Traci Holt    Said...

Hoppy Belated Birdy Luv, Hope all turns out well re: illness. Thoughts & Love coming @ ya.

27-Jun-14 12:22 PM

David    Said...

Get well quick!

27-Jun-14 02:15 PM

Kris    Said...

Don’t rush back to work, Jeff--take as long as it takes to get back to 100%. We’ll all wait for as long as that takes. Meanwhile, we’ve got the CDs to play!

28-Jun-14 02:03 PM

Wendie King    Said...

We wish a speedy recovery Jeff. You're in our thoughts

30-Jun-14 10:22 AM

Barbara Lindgren    Said...

god speed

01-Jul-14 04:40 PM

Eric    Said...

After waiting 30 years to meet you you were a bit rude to me in boston last October. I forgive you because your the greatest guitar player alive. Praying for your speedy recovery thanks for the great body of music !

06-Jul-14 09:16 AM


What is he suffering from?

09-Jul-14 08:08 PM

Ron G    Said...

What is he suffering from?

09-Jul-14 08:09 PM

Steve H    Said...

Jeff, get well soon. Wishing you a successful and quick recovery. Looking forward to a rock'n Alpharetta/Atlanta concert w/ZZ in Sept.

10-Jul-14 11:04 PM

Sam    Said...

Hi Jeff, worry not and sleep safe in the knowledge you'll be loved and protected and be around to share your special music around for many years to come. Your in my prayers. Sam

31-Jul-14 08:53 PM

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