Amped Guitar News

Ernie Ball Introduces Aluminum Bronze Strings

Crisper highs, stronger low end and improved corrosion resistance

Small Box Big Muff For Bass

Electro-Harmonix announces the Nano Bass Big Muff


Nile Rodgers Talks Chic, Bowie And Guitars

Fender posts a new video interview focussing on the Hitmaker Stratocaster

Eventide Adds EQ To The H9

Control software upgrade for Windows, Mac, and iOS includes new effect

Bootsy Collins Talks About The New Tru-Tron 3X

You got the funk? Well Bootsy's got the funk too


What Has Gibson Done To The Les Paul?

New Les Paul Supreme gets F-holes


Gibson's Southern Rocker

Gibson introduces the Southern Rock Tribute 1959 Les Paul

New Acoustic Guitar Contact Mic

Schertler adds DYN-AG6 transducer to Magnetico pickup series

The New EHX Deluxe Big Muff Pi: Revealed

Oh, you can control the mids with an expression pedal? AWESOME!  [2]

George Harrison's Rickenbacker Sells For $657,000

Julien's Auctions announces Music Icons results

TMG Interview: Taylor Answers Questions Of Controversy From The Gear Page

TMG's silence is finally broken in a 45 minute interview  [22]

Modulation Education

Electro-Harmonix post a new video all about flanging and chorus

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MOST READ - this week

1 Summer NAMM 2014: Pigtronix Rototron Ships

Analog rotary speaker effect stomp box is now available

2 Summer NAMM 2014: FX Processing For Singing Electric Guitarists

TC-Helicon introduces the Play Electric multi-FX unit with vocal and guitar processing

3 Distortion For Bass Players

EHX posts a video demo of the Nano Bass Big Muff

4 Summer NAMM 2014: New Taylor 12-String

The 150e 12-string Dreadnought makes its debut

5 Pigtronix Delay Stompbox Updated

Echolution 2 gets a Firmware and App update

6 Rotosound Announces String Change Clinics

Jim Houghton shows UK bassists how to change their strings


The BOSS DM-2 Returns

DM-2W Delay Waza Craft Special Edition introduced

Brazilian Street Guitarist Sounds EXACTLY Like Mark Knopfler

He's quite honestly better at being Mark Knopfler than Mark Knopfler is

Ukulele Wins Design Award

Blackbird Clara Flax Composite Ukulele gets the IDEA product design award

Vox Announces New 4-Watt Tube Combo

AC4C1-12 features a 12-inch Celestion speaker

Roland Announces 10-watt Practice Amp

CUBE-10GX features Customizable Tones via free App for iOS and Android

New BOSS Pedal Technology

Waza is rolled out in new versions of the Super Overdrive and Blues Driver

New Seymour Duncan Overdrive Pedal

805 Overdrive uses the same chip as a TubeScreamer and has 3-band EQ

Roland Reinvents Blues Cube Series

Two new portable 1x12 combos aim to deliver tweed amp sound

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