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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Wade Margolis a professional user from Connecticut,USA writes:
First of all, we just bought 3 of them. After the first one the studio manager was very impressed at the analog sound of it and bought 2 of the racks. We have a full room of real analogs . We have a Mini, Polymoog, VCS-3, Prophet 10 and an Arp2600. The employees in this studio were amazed at the strikingly REAL analog nature of the MS. I myself have a Sirius and An1x and after hearing the MS I am taking these to the consignment store. The MS2000 kills these, especially the AN1x. The MOD sequencer is so fun and so retro. But the beauty is THE REAL ANALOG SOUND WITH NO MAINTENCE EVER! Currently we spend 50 bucks a call on our analog guy to come and maintain our old synths. Alot of people that hire our studio abuse the old ones even though we tell them not to, but with the MS2000 we dont even need to warn them. They can pound away and in the end it still sounds lush and in tune. One guy remarked at how many different synths the MS can do. It can do Prophets ,Arps and especially Moogs quite well.

Even though our studio has 3 now , I kind of want to get one of my own just to trip out on my bed with headphones.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Sep-02-2000 at 03:51
Another Forgotten Machine a professional user from Orlando, FL writes:
Currently there are 3 different projects in the works for creating a software based controller for this item. Some simple sysex controls, others more advanced.

As posted earlier. This most likely would be a mediocre synth for a begginner or a flat out pianist. For someone looking to experiment and really delve into their synth this is beatuiful.

If you're looking for good all around sounds go for a Roland XP. This is a speciality synth and all the sounds are set accordingly. Shrills, Whines, Tones, that's what you'll find here. Great Korg Bass and Pads as always as well.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Aug-29-2000 at 11:33
Maki a professional user from Kam Loops, CANADA writes:
It's the people that can't handle a negative review are the ones that are unacceptable.

Please , if you dont like a review, keep it to yourself. Posters should not have to defend themsleves just because they stepped on someones virtual toes (Ahem...Hooptyhell). So far the people that have been critical of the MS have been very professional, more so that the self righteous owners. review,

The MS2000 can really do some impressive analog imitations. Sometimes I forget that it's all fake and phony inside. I totally love it. The knobs are too tiny and need improvement. I would go to Radio Shack and get some small all-steel ones. That would be much nicer. The midi ports and audio in/outs need help though. You can see they are not very stable in their encasing but I have not had any problems yet.

The audio outs could be a little hotter . I have to really work it sometimes to make my sounds audible in my mix. I would probably get the rack version if you have lots of keyboards . They keys arent the best on this thing. I got mine for $859 at an Electronic Store in Times Square while on vacation this summer. Mine has no warranty though so I hope it doesnt break.

Where's the editor for this thing. I will trade someone my DVD of Hollywoood Hookers if they will make a full fledged ed/lib for windows (no 1986 DOS crap) for this thing.

Okay that's all .

Please no egotistical mean people like Hooptyhell attack me....

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Aug-29-2000 at 01:16
cosmosuave a hobbyist user from Canada writes:
Well I had to sell a MC202 and a Juno6 and all I have to say is that the sacrifice was well worth it. Waited about a month for it to arrive at the music shop and luked out by dropping in that day to see one there. I know everyone haas bitched about the wall wart but I see that as a plus. Why do you ask if you go overseas (Oz) all you have to do is buy another wall wart. A lot of the presets sound good and also a couple have been borrowed from the prophecy. All those knobs...nothing beats twiddling knobbly bits be it machine or human. The virtual patching feature is great a la MS20 and all the old modular gear. Still have a long way to go on knowing the in's out's of this synth, but having experience with analogue synths it is not long to come up with the type of sound you want.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Aug-28-2000 at 22:35
Another Forgotten Machine a professional user from Orlando, FL writes:
In my experience with this synth, it has alot of possibilities. Let's be blunt, yes most of the presets suck. 'nuff said. BUT if you take the time to actual delve into it and really tweak the sounds you can get a very powerful synth for a relatively cheap price.

And again, it's not what you have but what you do with it.

I personally write Industrial dance and Ilbient, Trip Hop style tracks and with both my primary synth is the MS-2000.

And to whoever said the vocoder sucked, obviously didn't investigate this feature much either. A vocoder is like a sampler.Garbage in, Garbage out. Hell use this the Ms-2000 as an Fx processor for a guitar, use a televison set routed out through RCA audio as the carrier file to get very odd background noise for another synth. This is basically a frickin VC-10 here. This straight up beats out most other vocoders in the market.

If you want to hear the music I make with the Ms-2000. Go here -

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Sunday-Aug-27-2000 at 17:26
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