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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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DZ writes:
Great sounding synth but polyphony is joke. It should be at least 8-voice polyphonic. Programming is easy but text is hard to see. It would be nice pad/athmosphere synth but no.. Korg, make it with more polyphony and I'll buy one.. dirt cheap of course.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Feb-22-2006 at 05:27
RecordMonster a part-time user from USA writes:
I got it for $187.50 Whoa, great deal huh! Don't be jealous! It's a rack unit! Mine's missing 3 knobs but I'll snag some other's that'll fit soon. I got no manual but who cares. I mostly dig for wax and sample stuff, sequence and add layers of real drums and drum machines, sound modules, etc.. Been using a large variety of cheap goodies! Had my eye on one of these for awhile. I'll tell you, if you are some guy that just buys this stuff and thinks hes doing something trancey just cuz of the pattern presets thats bootay! Matter of fact I don't like people who use pre-programmed pattern trash. Or sample cd/download producer punks. DIG SUCKAS, DIG!!!! Or don't, its more for me.

Ok so this thing is geared towards techno cats but if you start to create your own patches you can make plenty of (damn that's tight) sounds. Matter of fact if you want to, you can make days and days and days of trippin out madness noise. Of course you have to do your share of "learning" and need to decipher proper midi connection and use for your setup. Well I read somewhere not to compare these with real analog and to just try it out and use it for yourself. This is very true. This is meant to be what it is, not an emulation. If people want to send downers on something send them to the soft synth users who send all their sounds through the same interface outs, if even that? Way way wack. Electronic instruments want to be seperate creatures! Don't believe the hype of the all in one computer! Sure you can get software for free alot of times but don't rely on software or plugins for all your work! Ok nuff preaching, Electronic jibberish to fat steady bass and high pitched bleeps. Dope you can use it to process other line signals. Important- you can turn knobs for everything! Up to date connections and uses with midi. Would really have liked to have seen an XLR in for the mic input. I suggest you save patches along the way bcuz when I got something just right and then hit record on my asr-x it changed the patch and I lost my settings. easy fix, disable control parameter change in global. Like I said depending on your setup, I did this after I created the patch how I wanted it. but its all about the live tweaking!! I'm just amazed, at first I was kinda hesitant. I thought the presets sounded kind of "thin" or more in the high frequency range. Actually I think it had too clean of a trashy sound if that makes sense. But I ran it through a cheap tube preamp into a cheaper crusty monitor and I think I'll just mic that and record it that way for the real dirt! Never forget the processors and dirt. even record it with a hQ mic! trust me you can color the sound later. This ain't no acoustic guitar fellas. It's very much worth even the $400 if you can afford to pay that much. But way way worth the under $200 I got it for!! Remember, Everything is Hip Hop and Hip Hop is Everything. Roadwarrior used gear freaks get my Shout outs!! Soundtrackish stuff, straight up fun to get high and play this thing!!

Other main stuff I use, Sp808, E-mu Mp7, SP-12 turbo, ASR-X, Novation BassStation, Cheapo 49 key controller, Over 125 crates of waX, your momma.. :) Send me your old records! Peace out friends

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Feb-21-2006 at 17:58
[A][D][D] a professional user from USA writes:
I really enjoy this synth. It's got a very 'harsh' sound, and is great for harder electronic music such as industrial. The dwgs oscillator is cool and gives you a little bit of wavetable flexibilty, and the mod sequencer is awesome. Not so sure about the filters, they seem to have a somewhat crappy quality for lack of a better word. But that's also what gives this synth it's hard edge. It's great for leads and evolving weirdness. It makes an awesome compliment to the warmer sounding Jp8080. I own both and they really sound great in a mix together. I really like the vocoder and use it extensively live. The knobs could be a little sturdier on this unit, but overall it's a very good synth for most electronic music.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jan-28-2006 at 10:49
Jacob a hobbyist user from Fort Worth, TX writes:
I bought an MS2000 a few years back and had to sell it. I just now bought a new one and i have never had as much fun on a synth before. This thing is awesome. I trully recommend this synthesizer to everyone with an interest in playing use or just making sounds for pure personal self-enjoyment.

I know everyone brags about all the gear they have and they list every bit of it here on their posts. Most of it's bullshit im sure but i can honestly say i have had about 15 synths in the last 12 years but the MS2000 has been more fun and trully more rewarding than any of them. If i had to compare this thing to a classic it would sit very close to an ARP 2600. I have made patches that sound identical to some arp signature sounds. It's not God's gift to the electronic music world but it is a very usable instrument with more power than most even in the higher price range. To fully get the best results please learn to edit this machine. A brief scroll through the presets are enough to make me reconsider my purchase...and i mean it. Use the 3 trk mod-sequencer to it's extent....use the virtual patch system all the way. Change a single program to dual to fatten the sound and add distortion if thats your bag. All im saying is there are so many ways to make really outrageous sounds on this synth that its virtually impossible to run out of ideas. I have already over-written half of the factory banks with my own stuff and i havnt even had this thing too long.

This is the best 399 i have ever spent. I have returned some synths that cost more than 2 grand because they just didnt have the fire i was looking for but for under 400 bucks...i found it. Buy this, be happy and stop deciding on which one is better. I think you will agree with me.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jan-12-2006 at 20:35
jms a hobbyist user from Australia writes:
The Ms2000 [B] is a great synthesizer for retro Basses, Funky Leads and other quirky sounds. Manipulate all the parameters in real-time, bend the sound to create truly groove based phases.

The poly is 4, but ambient pads still work fine, but you can still very much pull off great moody atmospheres and washy pads, organish ambience, and sweeping filter'd pads that will blow you away. connect the 2000b to a good sound card or mixer and you will see the sound quality is up there with Nord lead 2x, Supernova and the old Roland Juno's. Interface is great Backlight, buttons feel strong and knobs are tight and ready for some serious realtime fiddling with, like LFO, RATE, CUTOFF, REZ, attack is great, so moody strings evolve slow or fast, just set the knob to your liking.

Casing is strong, but lightweight @ 7.1kg its perfect. Sold Microkorg, for a bigger and more powerful synth, and the ms2000 reincarnation is 5/5. if you need bass for a house track, this is you synth, leads for electro, arpeggios for techno or phat trance sounds then this is you baby, even experimental artists need this synth, Great for glitch, minimal or vocoding oddball work. go wild with the classic sounds Korg has been trusted for. Korg have developed a modern day synth for the retro sounding producer, top VA realtime control and vocoding. The power cord is a little small, but don't be put off, the synth is strong. MIDI is also great. All you need is ms2000, cubase and softsynths - use the korg as controller!!

So if you need a great synth, but can't afford a Clavia Nord Lead or Virus, get an Ms2000, audio quality and sound manipulation is very HQ.

Some artists that use this great synth: BT, MEDICINE DRUM, ROYKSOPP, APOLLO440...

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jan-05-2006 at 08:37
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