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Average rating: 4.6 out of 5
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jean sebastien a part-time user from Quebec city Canada writes:
The polymorph is a bit strange but in a good way. First when i got my polymorph 7 months ago i didnt like it, well it was lo-fi souding and the v|a ocs had to much aliasing for me and the filter ..hummm..unusual .But i think its one of the best synth i ever play with. I will explaine myself. The effect one this synth are symply awsome(imo)i never heard a chorus effect that good and the distortion is realy good too (very gritty) As i said earlyer the polymorph is lo-fi sounding but in a good way. It can sound very analogue to my hear but also digital becose of the multitude of sampled ocs wich include melotron,wavetable samples etc. ex: use the melotron sample with a bit of mod in the hp filter +the deep chorus of the poly and you got a killer retro padwho remind me of some yello ,kraft werk album. I will not describe the feature of the polymorph becose it as been done earlyer but i will give some advice. 1- you cannot chain the pattern thas true but you can change one pattern a time in real time witout any glitch by pressing the button select sequence and the value tempo ,That way you can change patterns in real time but not the 4 patterns at the same time but you can go : change no1 ,after change no2 etc ... 2- you can use the analogue sequencer to control other gear and all row are transmited (pitch,gate + row 1 to row 3) row1 = midi cont 2 row2 = midi cont 3 row3 = midi cont 4 What im doing is im using my waldorf Uq with the poly and select midi cont 2 to 4 in the modulation matrix (wxyz)and can alter different parameters with the 3 other row ..pretty kewl:) About the ocs i verry like the sound of the sampled ocs .I dont know what they did but some of the wave in osc 2 and 3 sounds ..well its hard to discribe but its hard for me to beleive they are just samples ..the noise generator is not sampled becose when you change pitch it doesnt affect the noise and i think the sine wave is modeled too becose it sounds exactely like the v-a osc. This is of course just my personal oppinion but for someone who is looking for something different and very retro i think the polymorph its a must and like someone said before if youre a fan of Yello like myself just go for it you wont be disapointed .

Any question ..please email me at

posted Tuesday-Jan-29-2002 at 14:05
crassus a part-time user from germany writes:
how deeee....I´ve got mine 4 about 36 hours.....

and it´s ABSOLUTELY THE BEST MACHINE I´ve ever touched....!!

my dear....this babe KIXX ASSES!

I don´t have 2 Xplain the pro´s of that monster, just read the other reviews.

I just wanna say that THIS MACHINE RULEZZZZ

it became the heart of my equipment in just some seconds.......

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Dec-29-2001 at 17:31
aljen a hobbyist user from Germany writes:
What a monster! I've got mine for about 450 Euro two months ago, it was an used one, of course, but in mint condition. There are zillions of knobs to tweak around, and there is a great step sequencer there, which alone is worth the buy.

You can actually do about almost everything with the knobs - no hidden menu options, no functions you can only reach via 10000 turns on alphadial. Everything at your fingertips waiting for you action.

The modulation possibilities are far not as great as those of the Virus, neither is the overall look and feel quality. To be honest, at this point is Polymorph not quite "German-like"... but hey, these are just the rough interface and all these "derbe" sounds which steal the show!

Make a bass line, lay a wobbling pad over it, trig another naughty bass with the bassdrum and twek 'em all with this great morph seq - no problem. But take care, otherwise, you can quickly end up as the wizard's apprentice, since the machine loves to get out of control :-)


Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Dec-21-2001 at 04:39
Flavio a professional user from Puerto Rico writes:
What a wonderful machine. Everything good they say about it is not enough.It really can go from fat bass sounds to minimal pads in a matter of seconds and the twist of a knob (of which there are plenty). I can think of nothing else better for a truly interesting live PA. I love mine more than I love my cat.

posted Wednesday-Dec-19-2001 at 15:06
trippin a professional user from usa writes:
This thing is freaking mindblowing. not digital, not analog, the Polymorph inhabits a weird shadow world where ordinary VA synths fear to tread. While the Polymorph can do standard synth duties as a 4 part mutli module, it shines with the 4 step sequencers, 16 individual effects, and the sher number of control knobs and switches that invite tweaking.

While it's not easy to find one these days since Quasimidi is out of business, it's worth looking for. It's an incredible machine -- one is only left to wonder what sorts of expansions Quasimidi had planned for this synth among synths.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Nov-05-2001 at 15:48
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