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Gareth Morris a part-time user from England writes:
I brought my MC50Mk2 for 200 UK pounds, about 50 quid less than the norm. It was a good bargin and 250 would have be totally worth it - the thing is so powerful, despite its two line interface - 32 midi channels! Its not exactly intuative to use and the manuals aren't the best, but once you 'get' the general principal the thing just flows. I'm glad I'm using this rather than Cubase, although I can see myself selling it soon because I want something even more portable and with built in sounds. I know a Yamaha QY will be less powerful - and not nearly so good live but I don't even plumb the depths of the MC. Here's a tip - use the 'Microscope' mode all the time - even for basic editing.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Nov-07-2000 at 10:51
nubey a professional user from usa writes:
Great old sequencer, used to be the center of my midi setup, moved on to an RM1X, and I don't think I'd ever go back to that little two line lcd again. The MC50 is a great tool, it's deep, and slightly complicated to use as well, paitience is required to read and understand the manual -- but it can be done and it's fairly rewarding to sequence your first track. Rock solid timing too, esp. considering it's resolution is on the low side now-adays as 96ticks per quarter note, the RM1X and newer MC80 havw upwards of 480 tpqn resolution. I'm sentimental about these, they're built so well, they're fairly small, and the amount of midi out's is phenomenal!

Pay no more than $250 for a mkII, and $150 for the original, don't spend a small fortune on one from ebay, just check your local music/pawn shops and they're well everywhere now, and aren't likely to be a big seller either -- so bargain for one!

Do you hate clunky PC sequencers, need a small but good sequencer for gigs, or a just a good stand alone arranger -- you simply cannot go wrong with the venerable MC50!


Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jul-14-2000 at 11:09
wily writes:
I finally get the Mk II version... I only use my MC for tape sync and SMF playback... but I like this machine really... I'm not get use to work alot with it, but I know this machine is easy to use but it take more time to work with, if this machine has pattern loop more than 1 bar (2 or 4 bar), has groove quantize and UNDO funtion, I thing it's going to be trully powefull, for now I prefer to work on the XP-80's MRC pro becouse the display is larger, has much better quantize, realtime playback and much more, but still I love to have MC-50 mkII for backup or take my work on a more compact unit and bring my X5Ds (I have 2 of them) by the way, where could I get the bulk librarian MRB-500? the only thing I could get on the net is MRD-500... becouse the MC sysex couldn't handle the X5D dump... please email me for info. thanks alot and God Bless!!!

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jul-13-2000 at 15:55
Terry from USA writes:
The MC-50 RULES!!! I've owned the MC-50 since '91 and cannot say enough great things about this piece of equipment: Ease of use, microscope & other extensive editing, scroll wheel, 128 channels, TWO midi outs w/ switchable thru, physicall durablity, $740 new (circa '92) and the list goes on. I don't care what anyone says, this machine rivals software sequencers any day of the week!! I have NEVER lost any data on the MC-50 contrary to every single one of my friends, who have a horror story about losing songs on their computer systems. I have a staunch conviction that any equipment made to perform specifically one purpose is going to continuously exceed a multi=purpose platform (e.i. the computer). I write/record complex industrial songs and simply cannot fathom using any other sequencer. Hats off to Roland on this one!! ...can't wait to check out the MC-80!! p.s. the "flam" function for the drum machine programmer. : )

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jan-28-2000 at 22:28
dpp a hobbyist user from usa writes:
wow.. what a great machine.. i just got mine used, and boy does this thing rock.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Dec-12-1999 at 22:45
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