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Average rating: 4.4 out of 5
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Out the box, hands down. Best keyboard I have ever work with..I have worked with the Fantom X7, MOTIF ES,and Triton Extreme. Also, I use Alberton Live 6 and Reason 4. Compared to the sound quality of that I have mention...Yamaha is lacking in powerful sound quality but..... I can kick out a song in minutes,with all the minor editing, effects, and mastering included. However, the piano on the MOTIF can not be touched.... You may not get the fat arthritic sounds but this is one nice workstation...ES and the fantom is 2nd and 3rd....

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Oct-01-2008 at 00:38 a professional user from UK writes:
Of the three "workhorses" currently available, i road tested all of them, and this instantly hit the right notes(sorry!). Im used to the workflow from an RM1X, believe it or not, but the sound quality, and ease of use PLUS results compared to the others just leaves them leagues behind. Its odd, but the M3 felt cheap and anodyne in comparison, and the fanotm range is laughably antiquated with the ancient roland samplesets still being used. Ive made good from this professionally, and i had a hunch i would.

Its odd that people complain about ease of use or tutorials, cause so help me god, i had written a track within two hours out the box and for me that says A LOT. That's WITHOUT reading the manual! Ive dipped into the manual now and then, but most of it is self explainatory. Maybe ive just been using gear of varying degrees of complexity- modulars, wavestations, et al- for so long that i found it incredibly easy to use.

full marks, for the depth, workflow and pro results. Not for newbies, for sure, but in A/B/C/ testing, it trounces a lot of others.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Apr-18-2008 at 14:37
Manuel Jr May a part-time user from Las Vegas writes:
Real simple, If you already own a Motif Es, then don't upgrade, (NO board expansion, still only 16track sequencer) if you have had a triton or even the Fantom.. Which I did, then consider the trade.. It is unfair to compare the Fantom X and the Korg Triton to the Motif XS, since the Motif XS competes with the M3 and the new Fantom G... If you are looking for realistic sounds, right out of the box, then this is it for you..

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Mar-31-2008 at 09:53
Curtis Washington a part-time user from Kentucky writes:
The best thing Yamaha could do is provide an instructional video in the box with new boards. This keyboard has some nice strings and other sounds and some of the programs are very nice. The organs in the latest os in my Korg Pa1xpro are very superior to the XS when the stop rotor function is added to the Korg joystick opposite the speed toggle (-y I think)! My Kurzweil K2500xs with the Real Rhodes samples and Kdfx are better than ANYTHING else for Fender and overall the Kurzweil just sounds better than any other keyboards. The motif is usefull but for usefull patches, the ability to change, layer , and split on the fly WITH EEASE when live and the MOST entivcing features such as the TC Helicon vocal processor the Pa1xPro comes out on top. I even have 4 Triton sound banks loaded in it. Sorry folks the arranger is even usefull if you forget that some cheap keyboards have arrangers and realize that this keyboard is ot cheap just very usefull.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jul-17-2007 at 14:39
Frank Stratton a professional user from Smyrna, Georgia writes:
The Yamaha XS% is a truly great sound Stnth with many nice features. I did find a few problems that were not solved and Yamaha tech support claims thaat Yamaha has no untension os solving these problems. The problems are as follows. When the Yamaha XS6 is set-up as a ISB host and Logic Pro 7.2.3 as the DAW to be controled by the Yamaha XS6 and Yamaha Port 1 is used for the tone generator and Yamaha Port 2 is assigned as the Port for the Comtrol Source if Logic 7.2.3, The Audio Interface does not work at all for Recording, Virtual Instruments, or Plug=ins. The Tech at yamaha orginally told me to use port 4. Then I was told to use Port 3 and Port 3. Then I was told that the ports used to be programable. Then I was told there was no way to solve this problem. Problem 2 ! OK! So let's try to use this Yamaha XS6 as a USB host and not as a controller for Logic Pro 7.2.3 at all. The Yanaha XS6 is set-up as a Host and not as a dontroller. Yamaha Port 1 is used and the Audio Interface works fine. Well I found that if I Plug in either a Line 6 Tonr Port to USB and/or an M-Audio Trigger- Finger, The 2nd octave of Keyboard Keys then send out Screen Change messages and notes are not played at all. The Yamaha XS6 worke fine if these are not on the USB bus. I am running Logic Pro 7.2.3 on a 20 Intel Imac 2.16 ghz and the Audio interface is a Konnekt D24 from T, C, Electronics. This is a really great Synth and sounds are great, but these limitations need to be addressed by Yamaha. I would expect similar problems using other DAWs and other Audio Interfaces. I would like to hear any other feedback regarding the Yamaha XS6 and the Motif ES series. Thanks Frank.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jun-03-2007 at 00:12
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