Gear of the Year RESULTS: Best Guitars of 2013 Revealed

What did SonicState readers and staff choose as the best guitar of the year?   09-Dec-13

1. Chapman ML3-RC

We are proud to announce that the Chapman Guitars ML-3 RC is the winner of the guitar category, in the SonicState Gear of the Year Awards, 2013.

If you're not familiar with Chapman Guitars, then you might want to think about joining this industrial-sized revolution. Led by Rob Chapman, who has had a long and varied career in the guitar industry, the company gives customers the chance to vote on each aspect of the design of a new guitar.

It's design by democracy, and as a result, everyone who buys a Chapman guitar feels like they've had some involvement in the process of making the instrument.

But the ML3-RC is Chappers' signature model, and he has produced a £599 guitar to be possibly one of the best value-for-money guitars we've ever laid eyes on.

Seymour Duncan coil-tapped humbuckers, set though-body neck, and mahogany body, it's a beautiful gothic hybrid between a Les Paul and Telecaster, but designed for the modern guitarist.

It offers beautiful sparkling clean tones, or dark metal cleans in drop tunings, and also gives a rich saturated distortion tone which will have shredders throwing dollar bills in Rob Chapman's general direction.

When we told Chappers, owner of Chapman Guitars, he told us:

"I am extremely proud of the ML-3, especially so since it was built/designed to my exact specification - even down to the mm on every measurement, for example nut width, radius etc.

"Chapman Guitars has only really been going for two years and to be nominated and winning some awards at this early stage is a testament to the handwork and passion that the team at CG and the awesome public who help to design the guitars have put in.

"The ML-3 is a beast of a guitar that stands for everything I look for in a workhorse road machine, I will always have one on my rack."

Congratulations, Rob, and everyone at Chapman Guitars. Worthy winners of the 'best guitar' crown in this year's SonicState Gear of the Year Awards.

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Jordan    Said...

A Chapman ML3-RC made number 1? I'm sorry but now way. Who the $%#k is voting on these "gear of the year" surveys? The results are total BS as far as I'm concerned.

09-Dec-13 06:50 PM

Drop B    Said...

Jordan, you're not aware that no one shares the same opinions? Besides, I've got a Chapman ML3-RC as well as a few other makes such as Gibson, two from Ibanez out of Japan and a couple of Fenders, and this ML3-RC is right up there with them to say the least. It is just as good quality, especially taken into account it's South Korean made, Seymour Duncan Pick-Ups and is incredibly well put together as well as very versatile. At £599, it's an absolute bargain. There's no surprise of the results!

09-Dec-13 07:25 PM

Jordan    Said...

What a load of baloney. The surveys are BS as far as I'm concerned. People, probably from the companies involved, are spam voting to get their no-name guitars at the top of the list.

09-Dec-13 07:49 PM

Johnny Bones    Said...

I'm looking at the so-called "winners" and thinking "Yeah right…" This reminds me of what you see on Youtube in the comments section where people will post some spam comment for a porn site or whatever and then vote for it 100 times to get it to the top of the comments. Because it's so easy to skew the results in these surveys, they're completely irrelevant. Over time they'll be the laughing stock of the internet if they aren't there already. I know I won't waste my time voting or even looking at these again in the future.

09-Dec-13 08:16 PM

No Use For A Name    Said...

@Johnny Bones It seems like your missing that the top five is selected by panel. The Chapman ML-3 was voted into the final five, but it was chosen for the number one spot by the writers, not the readers.

10-Dec-13 06:42 AM

No Use for No-Names    Said...

The bogus results of these contests have just been insulting. I have no respect for this site anymore. I'm outta here!

10-Dec-13 11:14 AM

Paul B.    Said...

These were little more than advertisements disguised as "contests" and I for one was offended by the absurd results. I won't be visiting this site anymore.

10-Dec-13 11:47 AM

Recount!    Said...

I'm another one who was offended by this.

10-Dec-13 12:37 PM

billy the kid.    Said...


A Chapman ML3-RC made number 1? I'm sorry but now way. ^

10-Dec-13 12:59 PM

Zimca    Said...

Another vote for a recount...

10-Dec-13 01:19 PM

So Use For A Name    Said...

Lol, surely if people want a recount they should've just voted in the first place?

10-Dec-13 03:28 PM

Scratch M. Back    Said...

What good did it do to vote when there was under the table handshaking going on?

10-Dec-13 08:13 PM

Tom Boy    Said...

I'm not going to say these results are fake, but that is one UGLY looking guitar.

10-Dec-13 08:57 PM

Crankit Oryankit    Said...

So Use For A Name, what makes you so sure those demanding a recount didn't vote? Do you know something we don't?

10-Dec-13 09:08 PM

champ    Said...

I'm not a guitar player (do get a Moog Guitar coming today :p) Wouldn't it be cool to have a left handed Top 3 or something? Or would someone care to post his or her top 3 left handed guitars? Thanks

12-Dec-13 04:49 AM

Randy Marsh    Said...

I'm sorry but now way

06-Mar-14 09:31 PM

Randy Marsh    Said...

I'm sorry but now way

06-Mar-14 09:31 PM

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