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Sonic State Latest Media
  Sonic LAB: MFB Dominion 1 Synthesizer Review
  3 Osc Analog monster mono from Berlin

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24:22 mins    

  DanceFair 2015: Paul Nolan - Accomplished Electronic Musician
  Some great tips for crossing from the dance music world into the film score business

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14:58 mins

  Odyssey In The Hands Of Someone Who Knows
  GForce Software's Dave Spiers compares it to the MK3

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14:9 mins

  DanceFair 2015: Ableton Push Tips
  Certified trainer

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8:51 mins

  Pocket Operator Week - All Together Now
  So just how musically useful are they?

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11:45 mins

click to view and listen   Podcast: Sonic TALK 395 - Kraftwerk, Wizards Of Oz
  Behringer Midas Synth, Steinberg VST Connect, Aira MX-1 Performance

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65:5 mins

  Pocket Operator Week - PO16 Factory
  The melodic operator under the scrutiny of Gaz Williams

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10:40 mins

  DanceFair 2015: Max For Cats Oscillot Modular Environment
  Fullt modular synth creation kit for Max for Live

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9:11 mins

   amped    BOSS DM-2W Waza Craft review: Get Happily Lost In Analog Delay
  BOSS' updated re-release of a classic is still full of character

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13:34 mins

  Pocket Operator Week- PO14 Sub
  B-lines in your pocket from Teenage Engineering

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10:56 mins

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