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Sonic State Latest Media
  NAMM 2016: AQA New Modules Dual VCF, M-S Matrix
  QLFO, Triple Envelope Generator, 24dB LPF

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  NAMM 2016: ToppoBrillo Voltage Controlled Mixer
  Stereo Eurorack four channel mixer

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3:10 mins

  NAMM 2016: Tegler Audio Analog Compressor With Automation
  Ethernet connected, for model and settings recal

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3:27 mins

  Podcast: Sonic TALK Special Eric Persing of Spectrasonics
  past present and future

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76:18 mins

  NAMM 2016: DiGiGrid Cute Networked Audio Interfaces
  Networked IO for the home studio

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7:26 mins

  NAMM 2016: Modal Electronics 008R - 8 Voice Analog
  Rackmount version of the big boy and DSP IO card

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  NAMM 2016: SoundtrackLoops - Now In NI Stems Format
  Massive sound library covers many musical genres

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5:16 mins

  NAMM 2016: Frap Tools Modular Cases
  Italian modular, modular cases

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  NAMM 2016: Birdkids Modular System
  Ausitrian modular manufacturer show off their full system

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  NAMM 2016: Bitwig Touchscreen Changes Everything
  Play your DAW like an Instrument

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8:40 mins

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