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Sonic State Latest Media
  MESSE 2016: Antelope Audio Goliath Audio Interface
  Billed as their most impressive sounding and versatile interface yet

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    Help us reach 100k

  MESSE 2016: Sennheiser and Apogee Collaborative Mics
  Two new USB microphones from some of the leading manufacturers

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  MESSE 2016: Lab4Music Sapario - a Neat MIDI Router
  Turns your keyboard into a MIDI powerhouse

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  MESSE 2016: Universal Audio - Answering Your Questions
  Gannon has some answers for you

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  MESSE 2016: Earthworks Microphones
  A run down of the latest microphone technology from Earthworks

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  MESSE 2016: DPA Microphones New Range
  A new range of multi-functional clip on mics

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  MESSE 2016: Akai Advance 2.0 Updates
  Andy Mac takes us through the new features

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  MESSE 2016: Cymatic Audio Network Solutions Are Nifty
  AES67 Standard, multichannel playback, record, sync

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 | Flash Video

  MESSE 2016: Denon MCX8000 - Not Just A Serato Controller
  Tools for remixing on-the-fly and standalone functionality

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13:0 mins

  MESSE 2016: Patchblocks - Keys and a Euclidean Sequencer
  The multifunctional instruments get more updates

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4:6 mins

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