Dolby's Toadlickers Up For Webbys

C'mon lets vote for the People's Choice   14-Apr-11

You may have seen a flurry of activity from Thomas Dolby in recent months as he gears up for the imminent release of his first significant body of work for some time. The recent EP Oceanea has been given some great write-ups and made it to Amazon's  Pop MP3 Album chart at #26 no less. It sounds reminiscent of the Flat Earth era to me. Great vocal from him and long time collaborator Eddi Reader.

Toadlickers is an entirely different sonic adventure, once might say Country or Bluegrass even, but still quintessentially Dolby with his gift for off the wall humour - (She Blinded Me With Science- anyone?).

The video for Toadlickers  - the first video from Dolby this century, is directed by Paul D and  "made on a shoestring",  has also been getting some good exposure due to its brilliant creativity. In fact, its up for two Webby Awards. One of these awards is for The People's Choice - which means you can vote and influence the results. 

The video features puppetry by Mike Quinn (Star Wars, the Muppets), two internationally known burlesque dancers and the UK's top Free Runners 'Urban Freeflow'.

It was Directed and Produced by Paul D.

The award will be decided by public vote. Voting is open until April 28 at: 

(The Toadlickers is in the category: Online Film & Video > Music).


 Thomas Dolby said "...this was very much a homespun video made on a shoestring with lots of

enthusiasm and hard work. So it's an honour to get nominated and it'd be even better to win it when we're up against major label projects with big marketing budgets!"

It clearly means a lot to Dolby  -  those of you following him on Twitter  (@ThomasDolby) may have spotted these gems:

"Hey people much as I love Johnny Cash you can't let him steal my Webby Award. He's dead!! Vote for 'Toadlickers'"


"If you don't vote for 'Toad Lickers' I'll PERSONALLY come to your house and sprinkle anthrax on your windowboxes."


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vcf    Said...

well, that sucked now didn't it?

14-Apr-11 11:48 AM

Surround    Said...

Quirky I'd say, but did you check the Oceanea track out? T

14-Apr-11 12:13 PM

Mark    Said...

Being a fan of Thomas Dolby's music I'd love to vote for anything he does but I just hate this song (and the video too) too much. It is so sub-par compared to his previous track record of work.

I voted for the excellent The Wilderness Downtown work instead.

Sorry Mr D.

14-Apr-11 09:00 PM

Mark    Said...

Are we being punked or something? That was terrible!

15-Apr-11 11:16 PM

Ed A.    Said...

That really did suck, WTF was he thinking? He's a little late with the April Fools joke, isn't he?

16-Apr-11 02:32 PM

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