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Massenburg EQ For Less Than Half Price

TC Electronic reduces George Massenburg's MDW Hi-Res EQ for System 6000

New SSL Console

XL-Desk is a modern twist on the classic 24 into 8 analogue studio console

The Next Generation Of Audio Post Production

Fairlight launches its second generation Crystal Core (CC-2) technology

AES To Unveil Its Inaugural Raw Tracks Series

Intimate, behind-the-scenes look at the making of various recordings by influential artists

New Flagship Universal Audio Packages

79 UAD plug-ins with UAD-2 OCTO PCIe or new UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt OCTO DSP Accelerator


UA Announces UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt DSP Accelerators

Improved performance at higher sample rates and reduced plug-in latency versus FireWire

New Drawmer Compressor Now Available

1973 three-band FET stereo compressor ships

Two New Tascam USB Audio Interfaces

US-2x2 and US-4x4 launched


New Fairlight Production Console

Fairlight launches QUANTUM.Live Table-Top console

BPM 2014: MPC 1.7 OS Update

We talk to the chief engineer


iZotope Drop RX4 For Even More Restoration

Advanced also adds a lot more features


Avid Choose Apogee As I/O Connectivity Partner

Company will offer Pro Tools | Duet and Pro Tools | Quartet Audio Solutions


Buy An SSL Console, Get A Free Compressor

SSL 500 Series Bus Compressor for free with SSL Sigma

Media Workstation For Computer-Based Setups

ZAOR introduces a smaller-scale addition to MIZA lineup

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Cubase Focus: Tempo Detection

Free yourself from the grid

Presentation: iZotope RX4 Audio Restoration

We get to check out the new features

Podcasts:Sonic TALK 376 - On Tour With Courtney Love

Live digital revolution, AI in music software


1 The World's First Convolution Piano?

Sound Dust Releases Plastic Ghost Piano For Kontakt

2 Watch Thom Yorke's Bit Torrent Paywalled Album Track

Tomorrows Modern Boxes - very electronic it is too

3 A Prophet VS For Your iPad

Arturia iProphet emulates Sequential's final synth

4 Blog: For All Of Us That Didn't Make It

Not everyone is destined for the big time

5 Cubase Focus: Tempo Detection

Free yourself from the grid

6 Key Detector For Mac And Windows

HoRNet SongKey analyzes polyphonic audio streams in real time

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Cubase Focus: Tempo Detection 

Free yourself from the grid

BPM 2014: Korg Electribe 

New Electribe has bling lights as well as a King Korg engine

Sonic LAB Review: Happy Nerding FM AID and Super Sawtor Modules 

We take a look at two Eurorack modules

BPM 2014: Moog Sub 37 Tribute In Stock 

Source Distribution show off theirs